*My approach is based on the premise that each individual is unique. Your results may vary.

“In January 2014, I developed an upper respiratory infection and a raging sore throat. That morning, I had an appointment with Fran and called to reschedule, not wanting to share my cold. She insisted I come in, and I am so glad I did!

She did a detox on my body and performed other tests. She suggested rubbing a specific essential oil blend on my ear lobes and down the front part of my neck/throat area. In addition, I took Vitamin C every couple of hours. I also tried out the Bemer Mat and Vibration Plate for the first time. In less then 24 hours, all symptoms were gone! I’m not sure what did what for this amazing recovery, but Fran’s knowledge, thoroughness, expertise and wide array of resources corrected the issue.

Fran is also a gifted teacher. I have been fortunate to attend many workshops including nutrition, detox and meditation. She is a natural in translating esoteric information into practical hands-on work.

What makes all of the above even more special is her compassionate spirit. I am forever grateful for her continuing guidance.” —Jane Wise*

“I have had the pleasure of working with Fran for several years. Three years ago, my husband developed a rare disease. In addition to many troubling symptoms, was his massive weight loss and his inability to gain weight, even though he ate a nutritious diet. After a session with Fran, she suggested a gluten free diet and eliminating some other foods. We immediately followed the diet and within five days, he gained five pounds. He continued to gain weight and was at his normal weight in a few months. He is still following the diet and currently in remission and able to resume activities. —Elena T.

“Working With Fran is Life-Altering. I have been working with Fran for only a few months and already my life is changed for the better. She is really concerned about the healthy outcomes that come when treating the whole person. I have honestly not felt this good in a decade. Fran has been trained by leading world-respected experts and she applies her knowledge to individually treat each client. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by making an appointment with this dedicated and ever-so-knowledgeable professional.” —Laura S.*

I have been going to Fran for over ten years. She is ahead of her time in how to care for our health and nutrition needs. Fran has helped me with my gut problems that doctors failed to do. All of her supplements are the best quality and not only help the issue but help your entire body. I will always go to Fran, she is the best.”

—Gloria S.*

“Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for my session last night. NOTHING hurt me during the night or this morning. I am not a person fond of hyperbole, but this is like some sort of miracle! I cannot describe to you how miserable I felt by last weekend. The degree of debilitation was so depressing as well.
Anyway, thanks again. I will know to call next time if things are getting so bad.
You are amazing!”  —K. Jones*

I recently took my 11-year-old to see Fran. She was wonderful with my child, asking questions in a way that made both of us feel comfortable. Her explanations of her findings were both thorough and easy to understand. Most important was her genuine concern for my child’s well-being. Thank you, Fran. —D.S.*

For the very first time in my life, I experienced food as fuel for my body, and not as an emotional tool.    I didn’t sit there and say “I wish I could have such and such, but I can’t”. I ordered just what would be good for my body. There were even appetizers on the table that up until just a few days ago, I would have been pining for. There were no emotional attachments to my meal…just eating what my body needs… I have never felt like I had control over my self when it came to food. I never understood how to separate emotions from food.  I can’t wait to see what the rest of this detox will bring. —M.D.M.*

Fran, I would be delighted for you to quote me for a testimonial. I just couldn’t wait to share this great news with you. I recently had new blood work done. Dr. M called me last night to give me the results. I could have fallen off the chair when he gave me my cholesterol, it was 178. For years it has been over 200 to 220. Thank you so much for getting me on the right track to better health. I am following the guidelines you gave me and am feeling much better. I couldn’t believe that I could eat eggs every day, I have eaten more beef than I was having and all my lab levels are good. In the past I was so misinformed. Thanks again for all you do to make our lives much healthier. —Joan V.*

Just wanted to let you know that things are going well with the new gluten free diet.  I rarely have the overpowering tiredness come over me, and somehow my mind feels more clear.  It’s been such a noticeable difference in these few weeks that i really feel I’ll stick with being gluten free.  Thanks for helping me to feel more alive.   On some days I even feel I have and understand that dog’s exuberance that you wrote about in your love article. —T.M.*

“What a delight to be assessed by a knowledgeable professional practitioner. Explanations and plan are comprehensive and easily understood. Thanks Fran for listening. Good health on the horizon”


“I came to Fran with excruciating body pain, in my joints and muscles. My energy was close to flat: I could drag myself to work, I could drag myself home and maybe cook a meal. That’s it. No socializing, no personal life, no joy, no life. Sometimes the pain was so bad my roommate had to help me from my car to the door barely one car’s length away. I was using a cane out of the house and a walker at home. I made slow progress from one room to another. I felt like a 90 year old at 54. I talked to Fran at the health food store where I work, asked her questions. She was very available and kind. I had been to a chiropractor, an acupuncturist and an orthopedist. An MD had said I had arthritis so I tried self-treatment for about a year with little gain. One MD/naturopath had suspected I had Lyme but the test came back negative, the antibiotic did nothing, and so I moved on.

In December of 2010 I had my first visit with Fran. She told me a plethora of things going on with me, including food allergies (I was already off cow’s milk and wheat), mercury poisoning, candida and finally Lyme! I trusted her judgment.

One month later, the horrific pain I was going through subsided.

Slowly over the period of a year, seeing Fran for detox and other treatments, following my diet (for the most part) I am without my cane since Aug 19 or thereabouts of this past year, my body movement has become more limber and flexible.

And best of all my energy is back – better than before, I think. I have my life back.

I had no life for at least one solid year with this thing.

The relief I feel is tremendous. I was so frightened about what was happening to my body.

Fran’s treatments included all of me, all levels of being: an important part of holistic treatments, and why I rely on holistic “medicine” and not medical doctors.

Thanks to Fran and her genius for finding and studying complex and subtle alternative treatments.” —Marina Mati*

A quick update… Within days of taking the supplements you gave her, she experienced immediate results. We are so happy and grateful for your help. The supplements you recommended seem to be a winning combination. The shin splints after track became almost non-existent, the leg cramps are no longer present, and the nausea and abdominal cramps pre-, during and post her periods did not appear, for the first time! Thanks again for your help.

The kids are great! Really, can’t thank you enough for setting us on this course! The food plan is no big deal anymore. (NEVER thought I would be saying that!) At our conference with his kindergarten teacher, she sees no signs of ADHD!  We recently had to give Max antibiotics. Don’t know if it was the antiobiotics or the artificial junk they put in to make them look pink and taste sweet. Needless to say, he was bonkers for a little while! … It really reminded me why we do all the things we do. –– Stacey Funt Slesinski, M.D.*

On 7/25/11 I made a decision to change the way I feel. I started Fran’s 13 week program.  Fran advised that my numerous symptons were due to a gluten sensitivity. I said “good-bye” to gluten that day. I now know what it is like to get a good night’s sleep, to be free of persistent rashes and acne. Oh yes, I have lost over 40 lbs. Fran gave me my life back.  Her compassion, dedication and knowledge are remarkable. If you are ready to revitalize your health and life, start here, start with Fran. The words “Thank you” are not enough.

—SF, Chester, NY*

At such a young age I was troubled with something most couldn’t understand.   My fellow classmates were starting to plan for the future or even think about the upcoming senior prom; however, these thoughts were far from my mind. The struggle began after I was suddenly burdened with extreme muscle pain, insomnia, and weakness to the point where I couldn’t walk. Within a few months and many blood tests later, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Things that seemed so simple were taken away from me and I struggled to even get out of bed.

Looking for some sort of relief, I visited many doctors and the pile of prescriptions began to grow. Three long years later I realized that all this medication was not helping and could very well in fact be harming my body.  Meanwhile, my health was causing me to be much stressed and eventually become depressed. Since stress can make fibromyalgia worse, I felt as if I was spinning on this vicious cycle that I could not get off of.

My mom came across Fran’s name and began making phone calls to see if she could help. I later spoke with her and set up an appointment for a three week detox program. She revealed that I had food sensitivities to gluten, soy, dairy, and peanuts.  She instructed me to avoid such foods and added supplements to make sure I was getting the nutrients needed. I immediately began to feel a difference.

Now a year later, I am off all those medications, my fibromyalgia is under control, and have an overall boost in my immune system.  In addition, I have lost over 20 pounds and have been told I’ve never looked so good! These changes will continue to have a profound impact on my life.

Fran has, without a doubt, changed the outlook of my life and made it much brighter. Without her knowledge and patience I would still be suffering, and for that I am extremely grateful.

—Brittany Kennedy*

I feel so much better…. I have woken up each morning feeling awake and rested! During the day and evenings I have not had one high/low feeling and I have not had the ‘I have to eat right now’ feeling. I am definitely more satisfied with this nutrition plan.  This is all great and is definitely sustainable for me. I look forward to my next appointment. —Barbara M*.

I feel 100% better. I lost weight, I can fit in clothes I couldn’t wear a month ago. I feel terrific! I’m so happy I came to you. It’s like magic. I have no cravings; they’re just gone.—Petrina V.*

Thank you so much Fran for all you’ve done and for all you continue to do for me; to help heal me and encourage me in my quest for a new healthy outlook on life!!

—Darlene Conklin, Washingtonville, NY*

We went to see Fran after many attempts at trying to cure our son’s chronic sinus infections. He is a special needs boy with mental retardation and pervasive developmental disorder. He’d always had seasonal allergies but last year his sinus infections were the worst they’d ever been and we went through the revolving door of antibiotics and repeated sinus infections all fall and winter. We took him to see Fran after seeing her speak at a conference on Autism. She tested him using kinesiology and suggested we remove gluten from his diet. The gluten free diet has made a huge difference in Gabriel’s quality of life. He made it through the fall allergy season without developing any sinus infections and he is currently not taking any allergy medications whereas before he was on three different allergy medicines. In addition, we used some supplements she recommended to fight off any emerging infections, and he has stayed well. We also discussed his self stimulating habit of putting his fingers in his mouth which had been going on for months. She gave our son a homeopathic remedy and two days later he stopped putting his fingers in his mouth completely and has not done it again. If we hadn’t seen it for ourselves we might not have believed it. We’ve also seen improvements in Gabriel’s cognitive awareness along with increased speech. His “fog” has lifted and he is commenting on many more things in his environment. We’ve seen nothing but immensely positive changes in Gabriel. Fran has always been patient, kind and very knowledgeable. She has provided us with a wonderful introduction to alternative and homeopathic medicine. —LN*

I recently completed Fran’s 13 week weight loss program and am now 25 lbs lighter! I have been seeking Fran’s advice for a few years now. Every time something in my body “broke down”, I immediately reached out to Fran. She kept telling me that I needed to change my eating habits. I tried, but after feeling better each time, I “fell off the wagon. Now I know what was missing. It was Fran’s weekly guidance and coaching. After being diagnosed with kidney stones, fatty liver and diverticulitis, what did I do? What else? Pick up the phone and call Fran, AGAIN. She gently nudged me to think about what she had told me all along. I had to change what I was eating. I committed to her 13 week program and Fran helped with everything from physical to psychological issues. She tested me for different supplements and guided me in the use of my new found love for Young Living essential oils and products. The weight came off and I noticed changes starting to happen to my digestive system. I have more energy, sleep better and have a new found love for life and veggies!! Without Fran, I know I would be unhealthy and feeling emotionally “sick” right now. Way to go Fran!!!! —Vinny, Centereach, NY*

Hey Fran, long time no talking. I have been doing great. This summer will be 2 years on the diet you worked out for me. I went 200% with all your recommendations and have been seeing slow but wonderful improvements. I did go to see GI doctor in Middletown for a colonoscopy and endoscopy and he sent me away and told me to stick with what you recommended, because he couldn’t believe my recovery. —KP*

“Thank you so much for helping my granddaughter. Because of her behaviors and inability to sleep through the night, her parents were on the brink of putting her back on Risperdal (a potent drug which I had researched and found, among its many side effects, could cause Parkinson’s Disease). I’m so relieved that they decided to turn to you first and that you were able to give a homeopathic remedy and adjust supplements in a manner that brought about immediate and dramatic improvements in her focus and behavior, as well as her ability to sleep through every night, which is benefiting her, as well as the rest of the family. At her last visit to her neurologist, he remarked at her obvious improvement, when none had been seen in the previous two years of drug interventions. I believe being off drugs has also resulted in allowing my granddaughter to begin to learn to self-regulate, a process I strongly believe drugs prevented. You have my love and gratitude always.” —MW*

Fran is always a considerate, compassionate, deeply aware and intuitive person who works in earnest to alleviate the stresses we inadvertently place on our body, mind and spirit. Not only do I enjoy our sessions and find much benefit in them but I have also seen major health improvements in the process. During the 15 month period of our work together, I have lost approximately 70 pounds (so much for the myth of not being able to lose weight after menopause) and my cholesterol dropped 60 points, all triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. Testing further revealed much improvement and restoration to my major organs. I have more energy and my mind seems to be functioning as it did in my youth. Although there is still much to be done, I consider myself blessed and fortunate to have found an exceptional and gifted healer to help me on my journey. —Cheri, Saylorsburg, PA*

I’ve lost 35 pounds since I started working with Fran. When I’ve been on diets in the past, it’s been agonizingly painful, so difficult for it to come off. Since I’ve been on the supplements and homeopathic remedies, it just comes off. I was put on Fosamax in 2003 for osteopenia and… my MD couldn’t believe the results since last July: there was a 50% improvement and my bones are now normal. She said that she has never seen so much improvement before. I look great and have more energy. It makes me very happy. —ES, Westwood, MA*

Following a diagnosis of breast cancer and subsequent mastectomy, I began chemotherapy treatments. A friend referred me to Fran who provided assistance with nutrition guidance and supplements as well as a holistic healing approach that became a valuable addition to my “traditional” medical care. Her gentle strength was an important part of my recovery. Fran is a very special lady! —Pat*

To think that at 53 I had arthritis! It’s gone. Sure we’re all getting older, but I don’t have that inflammation any more. I feel much healthier, I’m more active, I sleep better, I have more mental clarity and a more positive attitude. —IE*

I feel so good! I haven’t felt this good since… ever! —MC*

The emphasis has come off food; my cravings are gone. When the desserts come out I have no desire – none! To not constantly want food, that ‘what do I want what do I want?’ I don’t have that any more, and I feel so good. —Susanne*

I began working with Fran several years ago to deal with the onset of significant airborne and food allergies. Not only has her work decreased my sensitivities, but it has drastically changed my stress patterns. Fran brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and above all, compassion, to her work. —Joan*

I have benefited so much from working with Fran. Her extensive and varied training, along with her natural gifts of healing, have helped me in so many ways—physically, emotionally and spiritually. She creates a space of compassion, non-judgment and acceptance while also helping and enabling growth at the client’s pace and readiness. She is a wonderful role model and teacher of living in the present along a spiritual path. I feel truly blessed to have found Fran. She has made my growth much lighter, loving, and easier than it could have been without her! I am deeply grateful. —M.E.O., NY, NY*

Working with Fran has changed my life. Through the years she has helped me understand and act on the body/mind/spirit connection. She never stops studying and learning and bringing new things to her practice. This is of great benefit to all her clients. I can not begin to name all the ills and issues she has helped me through. I can say that I haven’t been to an internist in years and am rarely sick. The beauty of this work is not “one pill fits all” but tailored to the individual without harmful side effects or the frustration of “rule out” diagosis. Thank you Fran! —Sue Ann*

I went to Fran several years ago after exhausting traditional medical treatment. I was on medication for chronic migraines and depression and still suffered from both. After a short time working with Fran, I was able to successfully address both problems and get off of all medication. I have enjoyed a much healthier lifestyle since meeting Fran. Most recently, I started working with Thematic Transformation. My initial experience has been phenomenal. I don’t quite know how to explain it, nothing appears different to an outside observer I’m sure, but internally, I feel as if I’ve crossed some great divide. I look forward to exploring Thematic Transformation further with Fran. My experience with her tells me I’m sure to make great strides in my personal development. She is truly gifted and I am grateful that our paths have crossed. —EMK*

When I first came to Fran, I was suffering from nocturnal episodes of asthma and breathing difficulty that was becoming increasingly serious. I wanted to avoid the negative aspects of allergy shots, inhalers and medications, so I sought an alternative approach. After interviewing me, Fran recommended a regimen that included constitutional homeopathy, dietary supplements and kinesiology treatments. Not only has my breathing problem abated, but my immune system is working more effectively than ever, and I hardly seem capable of getting sick anymore! Fran’s approach yields positive results. —Fred Schuepfer*

Fran has helped me in many ways, especially with menopause symptoms. She is a complete listener, but what I really appreciate is the dialogue that we have about myself. Fran has continued to encourage me to work through physical and emotional issues. She has an ability to understand what is happening in your body that is awe-inspiring to me. —G.L.*

Fran’s ability to treat me and my family has been the most valuable approach to healing us naturally as can be found anywhere. Her compassion, knowledge and genuine concern are heartfelt, something that is hard to find these days. I would (and do) recommend her to anyone who is seeking to improve their health and quality of life. —Sharon Schoonmaker*

Many people think going to a homeopathic provider is “different” and that it cannot help like doctors and the medicines they dispense. In fact, going to Fran provides the body and soul with exactly what it needs in a natural way. It cannot hurt you in any way but can only help you. Everyone should try it.
—Gloria S.*

I suffered from chronic headaches for several months. Medical tests didn’t detect any problems and the doctor suggested painkillers. I heard about Fran and came to see her. After several visits and holistic treatments, my headaches were gone. —K.J.*

A few years ago, a local allergist tested my life-long allergy sensitivities. When I questioned my treatment plan, she suggested I “consider living in a bubble.” Knowing that I did not want to revisit years of allergy shots, I sought alternative help. A friend recommended Fran. I no longer suffer from allergy symptoms and continue to grow both physically and emotionally because of Fran’s unusual combination of knowledge, intuition and sensitive nature.

A friend referred me to a health kinesiologist in 1984. I was in a car accident and hurt my neck . Traditional approaches weren’t helping. What did I have to lose? Health kinesiology turnhed out to be the most effective approach to treatment. I also had severe allergies to a variety of foods, dust, pollen, animal fur, etc. My nose was stuffed every day. Slowly but surely, through a painless de-tox approach, my allergies disappeared. I go once a month to “fine tune” my mind, body and spirit. It helps me release the stress in my life and helps prevent sickness. —Ricki Block*

If ever there were a healer to provide the experience and reference to what honest and healthy relationships should look like, it is Fran. Always professional. A clear and grounded channel with limitless pure integrity. She is the true embodiment of a healer committed to the process and progress of her client’s well being. She does more than walk her talk, she lives and breathes it. One can’t help but inhale her sanity too. —LFT*

Fran Sussman’s homeopathy is of the highest order. Her approach to cases is always personal, specific and non-doctrinaire. This open approach allows her to get to the depth of the case and help in the most truly holistic manner: physically, emotionally and finally, spiritually. This is what homeopathic medicine is about and this is what Ms. Sussman is a master of. —M.Z.*

I’ve been working with Fran for over 5 years. We first met at a workshop she gave on Health Kinesiology. Not only did she impress me with her extensive knowledge on the subject but also how she handled a participant who was determined to give her a hard time. She handled him with grace and class and was still able to provide the rest of us with a basic understanding of muscle testing. Since that time she’s helped me with a variety of ailments that never responded to “traditional” medicine. Although I’ve moved over 2,000 miles away we’ve been able to continue the healing process via the telephone. When I need advice, guidance, or a “tune-up,” Fran is there to listen. She truly is a very gifted lady! —Lisa D., San Antonio, TX*

“When I realized that it was lyme disease that was at the root cause of my sudden joint inflammation and pain I also knew that I would investigate alternative therapies to precipitate healing. I had been seeing a massage therapist and reflexologist on a regular basis. After meeting Fran at a health fair and inquiring as to whether kinesiology would be appropriate in my situation, I decided to make an appointment for a consultation with her. Towards the end of our first meeting she informed me that I could expect a difference in 4 sessions. I committed myself to healing and I also heeded my gut feeling that Fran could help me. After the third session, I noticed a difference. After my final session I knew I was well on my way to a healthier existence. Before I met Fran, I told the Universe that if I ever became “mobile” again I would not stop-or take my ability for granted. I promised myself that I would dance again. Thanks to Fran’s good work I was able to take that dance class that I had been wanting to and I now even teach my own dance classes. The details of my bout with lyme are somewhat fuzzy now because recently when I saw Fran she reminded me that my first visit was seven years ago. Wow! I thought, seven years of little to no symptoms. Needless to say I am grateful to Fran for more than I can put into words. I recount my experience to those who are looking as I did for help and I recommend Fran highly.” —Jeri Baker

I consider Fran a vital part of the health care team that keeps me well and able to maintain a full-time massage therapy practice and to care for my elderly mother. I first heard about Fran from my own clients. She had helped them with allergy problems (food and environmental), lyme disease, female disorders, and “mysterious” ailments their doctors were unable to diagnose or help them with. Working with Fran has given me greater insight into my own health and well-being than I knew was possible. With her guidance and expertise, she’s helped me to maintain a healthy hormonal balance, to avoid the flu and common cold by boosting my immune response, and she’s even supported me through the grieving process. I feel fortunate and very grateful that Fran is there for me, and my clients. Thank you Fran! —K.P.*

Fran Sussman is a dedicated and gifted health care provider who utilizes many different alternative therapies such as homeopathy and kinesiology to treat her clients. Her holistic approach addresses the physiological, nutritional, psychological/emotional components of the disease process to treat or remove the cause of the disorder. Once the cause of the dis-ease is removed, she continues to balance and strengthen the body.

I have been pleased to be able to refer both my family and patients to Fran for the past 5 years. She repeatedly diagnoses the cause of that lingering, mysterious, or difficult problem to treat it rather than just recommending a salve or pill that removes symptoms. Her treatment reduces the need for harsher and unforgiving medications with their potentially harmful side effects.

We are grateful to have her gift of healing available.

—Judith Kohout, D.C., Sugar Loaf, NY*

I meet so many parents at the conferences and seminars I attend to learn more about autism. Most of those parents who attend are looking for knowledge and answers; they are dedicated and interested in their children’s well being, and are willing to go to great lengths to help their children. That is why I get so frustrated when I hear respected people in the medical community so casually discard the idea of alternative treatments.

When my son was first diagnosed, I asked the neurologist about diet and was told “Oh, you know, one parent thinks it works and they all jump on the bandwagon.” If I had listened to her, who knows where my son would be today. Fortunately, I was sent to you by a trusted friend, and my education in alternative treatments began. Through the use of muscle testing you were able to determine which foods my son needed to avoid, which included gluten and casein, and also sugar, peanuts and corn. We were able to avoid weeks, possibly months of elimination diets, and were able to implement an effective diet immediately, tailored to his individual needs. We also were able to avoid the rounds of blood tests required for food allergy and intolerance testing; with my son’s sensory issues, the last thing we want to do is expose him to unnecessary blood work. You were also able to determine which nutritional supplements were right for him, such as zinc, and which foods would benefit him, and you were able to do this all in a completely non-invasive way. You found a homeopathic remedy that works wonderfully for him, and after a few months, if he seems a little “off,” I know it’s time for another visit. I wish I had a before and after video, just to let people understand what a drastic difference these things working together can make. The fact that my daughter has responded so well to her diet and remedy, for a very different disorder, reminds me that each treatment is for the individual child, just as each child is affected differently, and by different things. I believe there is no magic bullet, no pill, no one thing that will cure these children. We do need to learn more about what is causing these disorders, and to do that, we need to step outside of the box and think more creatively. Thanks for all you have done, Fran.


I truly believe that you have saved my son from much pain and misery and a very bleak future filled with lots of medications. Thanks for everything. —HB*

Thanks Fran. I used to think holistic medicine was voodoo. I could not have been more wrong. “Professional medicine” has helped countless numbers of people, but how many like myself have fallen through the cracks of their system? How many of this country’s health care problems would go away if “professional medicine” would walk hand in hand with holistic? People like Fran are the true caring professionals. —LD*

It has been months since I’ve last visited you; however, the positive effects of your treatment continue to allow me to live my life well.

I came to you in July of last year desperate for help. When I think back on how severe my allergies were for several years before my first visit to you, I don’t know how I functioned. Thank goodness, I ran into a fellow allergy sufferer who highly recommended you. I am still amazed at how you helped me gain control over my severe allergies. After years of seeing all types of doctors and specialists, you taught me to understand my triggers and take charge of them. The remedy you provided and the techniques you used proved to be just what I needed to rid myself of the sinus infections and wheezing that had become the norm for me.

As good as you are at what you do, what sets you apart is your “bedside” manner. I have never felt uncomfortable at any of our sessions. You truly care for your patients, feeling their anxiousness, and hurt, and helping to wash it away. Visiting you became a highlight for me, for I knew it would be a time during my week where I felt at peace and pampered. You have a gift for making people feel special. You helped me understand that life just doesn’t happen to me; I live it. Something I forgot in all the rushing around I find myself doing every day.

You truly gave me a sense of freedom I hadn’t felt in a very long time. I thank you for this gift. I would highly recommend you to anyone, without hesitation.

—Kathleen Carroll*

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