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‘New Years Day & the Experience of Contentment,’, January 2016

‘Forging a Path Through Cancer,’ Times Herald-Record, April 2015

‘Thoughts on Love from a Happy Woman,’ Times Herald-Record, February 2013

‘Sleep: the Missing Ingredient,’ interviewed in Dirt Magazine, December 2013

‘So, what exactly is holistic health, anyway?,’ Times Herald-Record, October 2013

‘On Loss and Attachment: What Parenting Taught Me About Connection,’, August 2012

‘Write a Love Letter to Yourself Today,’ Times Herald-Record, February 2012

‘A Gluten Free Vegetarian Visits Egypt,’, November, 2009

‘Start Getting Healthy: An Overview,Times Herald-Record, July 2009

Fran kept an active blog for more than a decade. Her 450+ posts on nutrition, healthy weight loss, aging, brain health, hormones, gut, cancer, Lyme, and other topics are below. Her posts can be searched for keywords using the search bar to the right –>

How to Make the Perfect Protein Shake

I’ve got the right shake to fit every palate and diet, and the recipe template I’ve perfected for my clients over the past 24 years. It works like a charm to vanquish hunger and cravings, boost your energy and metabolism, and help balance your hormones.

Lyme Season

Spring traditionally marks the beginning of Lyme season, but the unhappy truth is that milder winters make ticks a year-round scourge. Still, ticks are proliferating now, so be wary. Here are my tips for understanding, preventing and addressing Lyme.


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About Fran Sussman

Fran Sussman practiced holistic health for more than twenty-five years from her office in Orange County, NY. Her passion was to help people become their fullest selves: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Fran was also an educator and writer, including as a columnist for the Times Herald-Record. Fran passed away in September 2017.

We hope Fran’s writings can help those looking for the right guidance, information and support.

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