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How to Make the Perfect Protein Shake

I’ve got the right shake to fit every palate and diet, and the recipe template I’ve perfected for my clients over the past 24 years. It works like a charm to vanquish hunger and cravings, boost your energy and metabolism, and help balance your hormones.

Lyme Season

Spring traditionally marks the beginning of Lyme season, but the unhappy truth is that milder winters make ticks a year-round scourge. Still, ticks are proliferating now, so be wary. Here are my tips for understanding, preventing and addressing Lyme.


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About Fran Sussman

This is a testament to Fran Sussman’s work as a holistic specialist. Fran Sussman passed peacefully in 2017 with her children at her side. Fran believed with all her heart and soul in the power of healing, and used her immense knowledge and compassion to help thousands of clients live fuller, healthier, happier lives. We hope to keep Fran’s writings available to help those looking for the right guidance, information and support.

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