Kabbalistic Healing

Integrated Kabbalistic Healing is a profoundly effecting system of diagnosis and healing. We all, at times, feel deeply alienated from ourselves, from others, or from life. Whether that alienation is physical, in the form of disease, or emotional, psychological or spiritual, there is a way to “return home” to a place of wholeness, acceptance, and peace. When we are willing to engage with them, our difficulties become our road map, guiding us “home,” through our yearnings, toward our happiness.

IKH helps us to experience wholeness in the face of imperfection— both our own and others. We learn to be impeccable in the only ways we humanly can—in our commitment, and in our forgiveness. The process of IKH includes both dialogue and hands-on healing.

IKH integrates thirteenth-century Kabbalistic wisdom, the latest theories in quantum physics, twentieth-century psychological insight and teachings of nonduality into a deeply transformative healing modality. This extraordinary approach to healing acknowledges and nurtures our relationship to the source of all healing power, which we call God-cleaving or awakening to the Real.

IKH was developed by Jason Shulman, founder of A Society of Souls, an internationally known and acclaimed 4 year training program for healers. Fran was privileged to train with Jason for seven years, as well as to be on the faculty of all three branches of the school: Integrated Kabbalistic Healing; Impersonal Movement, a moving meditation designed to give participants an experience of the unitive state; and Work of Return, a self-healing modality that works with movement, sound and breath.

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