Lab Testing

It is very important to our work for me to review your lab work, particularly if you are dealing with chronic issues.

However, I no longer order many of the supplemental tests that are popular, as I find that the testing I do in the office is just as – or more – effective.

What do I mean by effective? I mean that my clients consistently get the results we are looking for.

When I stopped ordering lab tests routinely, I had reps in my office trying to convince me I was making a mistake.

“But people love 4 color charts and print outs and graphs. It’s good for your practice.”

No. People love results. People love to improve, for their symptoms to disappear and to be able to reclaim their life.

So I don’t order those expensive tests any more, though I am happy to look at them if you have them. But if we can get better results for you, faster, and for less money, that’s a good thing, right?

When I look at your lab work, I am going to spend about 20 minutes going over it with you: looking at the relationships between different numbers, explaining why simply being in the reference range isn’t necessarily a good thing, and pointing out what changes we’re looking for, for optimal health.

I like to see CMP, CBC, A1C, Thyroid Panel, Lipid Panel, and Vitamin D levels.


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