Taking Hormones for Menopause vs a Natural Approach

Today’s NY Times headlines shout the “news” that Prempro increases the risk of breast cancer, makes it more deadly, and may contribute to mortality in lung cancer as well. (see article link below)

If you’re going to take hormones for menopause PLEASE don’t even consider drugs like Prempro.  They are clearly dangerous; this is no longer news.  If you must, take bio-identical hormones that have been customized and prescribed specifically for you.  But frankly, while I believe this may be safer, there truly is not enough research to say yet.

However, I have found, both personally and professional over the past few years that it is perfectly possible to balance hormones as we age without using any hormones at all.  About 85-90% of the time I find that we can balance hormones by working on nutrition, stress management, detoxification, and hormonally appropriate exercise: in other words, lifestyle.  I believe it is largely about increasing the receptivity to the hormones we already naturally make. Just like insulin (also a hormone) we usually lose sensitivity as we age.  But we can increase our receptivity and restore hormonal balance, which is so much better than taking additional (manufactured) hormones.

Is this more work than taking a pill, or using a cream? Absolutely.  But the rewards are incalculable.  Because you  will not only avoid the added risk of taking prescription hormones, you will reclaim your health and vitality in ways you may not have thought possible.

If you want to get started, make an appointment today!

Prempro Hormone Therapy Amplifies Breast Cancer Risks, Study Finds – NYTimes.com.

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