Cellphones and Cancer – A Far-From-Settled Issue – NYTimes.com

Did you realize your cellphone came with a warning not to hold it against your head, or your body?

Two thirds of studies NOT financed by the cellphone industry find that there are biological effects of wireless communication.

Although the incidence of brain cancer overall has not changed, there is an increase in brain cancer among 20-29 year olds, and children’s brains are much more vulnerable to radiation than adults’.

There is a good chance that we are looking at “an epidemic in slow motion”.

What can you do? Use the speakerphone, or an air-tube headset.  Use a chip to reduce the impact.  Turn off wi-fi, and your cell phone, at night.  Do not carry your cell phone on your body during the day.

Cellphones and Cancer – A Far-From-Settled Issue – NYTimes.com.

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