The Significance of Eating Consciously

“Memory plays an important role in the regulation of food intake”

via Vital Signs – Distracted Eating Adds More to Waistlines –

This article has been much quoted and discussed regarding the issue of distracted eating: we all tend to eat more if we don’t pay attention to our food, when we’re watching TV, or surfing the web, etc.  So much of eating better is being more conscious, more aware of the actual process of eating.

But I hadn’t read before that memory is a factor, too, and that gives us another clue as to why food journaling is significantly beneficial to changing nutritional habits.

In my 13 Week Success Program, I always have my clients do daily food journaling.  It enables me to give very specific feedback about the changes they need to make, based on exactly what they’re currently doing, week by week.  And clients consistently remark that having to write down everything they eat and drink really helps them to consider their choices more carefully.  But could it also be the memory factor mentioned in this article?  That people who remember what they ate will tend to eat less.  very interesting….

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