Defeat Cancer: 15 Doctors of Naturopathic & Integrative Medicine Tell You How

If you or anyone you know is effected by cancer, please get this brand new book ASAP.  It is very important reading.  Writer Connie Strasheim interviewed fifteen MDs and Naturopathic Doctors who are having successful outcomes with cancer patients using a variety of modalities and techniques.  The statistics on chemo and radiation are not good, and so it is very exciting to know there are so many other options available. The hard part, I believe, is not getting caught up in the whirlwind of fear and passivity that often accompany a diagnosis of cancer.

There are some common themes among the doctors, though not many. One is the of Insulin Potentiation Therapy, which uses the fact that cancer devours sugar to potentiate chemotherapy with much smaller, less harmful (to the patient) doses. Some doctors are using IPT with natural cancer-killing substances instead of or along with conventional chemo drugs.  Another common thread is that most doctors interviewed stressed that cancer patients almost universally experience a trauma in the two years before diagnosis, and so they recommend healing on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels along with the physical.

Some of what is recommended is simple and inexpensive, and can be done at home, like coffee enemas, saunas, and some supplements. Many doctors interviewed share exactly what they use that is available to everyone.

Some of the doctors and clinics take insurance. But it is depressing that because the standard of care is surgery, chemo and radiation, that is what insurance generally pays for, and for those who venture outside that realm, it is mostly out of pocket, often at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars.

It’s frustrating to me that the nutritional advice is completely inconsistent from doctor to doctor, but I suppose, like everything else, it is best customized. And that’s one thing I did like about this book: these doctors are taking the time to get to know their patients, and tailoring their approach to the individual.  I can’t help thinking that may be part of the secret of their success.

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