Children’s A.D.D. Drugs Don’t Work Long-Term –

“To date, no study has found any long-term benefit of attention-deficit medication on academic performance, peer relationships or behavior problems, the very things we would most want to improve. ” Children’s A.D.D. Drugs Don’t Work Long-Term –

This is such an important article, given the number of children (and adults) on drugs for ADD/ADHD, or contemplating it.

I have had tremendous success in my practice, with an individualized, comprehensive approach to addressing ADHD and ADD, that includes:

  • identifying and addressing nutritional issues, including food sensitivities, re-balancing macronutrients (protein, fat and carbs) appropriately, looking at minerals such as zinc and magnesium.  Supplements can be helpful at times, and I have lots of experience in working with (and often correcting) kids’ picky palates. Each of these issues has a tremendous impact on the brain.  Individualizing this is key!
  • Decreasing toxic burden. This may include addressing heavy metals, over-reliance on sugar or processed foods, or other toxic substances that have been introduced into the environment.  Lead, mercury and cadmium are neurotoxins that have been associated with ADHD, as well as other health issues. Fortunately there are safe and healthy ways to decrease levels, even for young children.
  • Homeopathy. If used appropriately, as a constitutional approach, homeopathy can be nothing short of miraculous at times.  It is also safe, and inexpensive. However, I do not recommend the combinations of remedies with “symptom labels” that you find on drug store and health food store shelves. Any issue that is chronic should be addressed by a professional homeopath, who identifies the single remedy that will work most effectively for the person on all levels.
  • The Listening Program. Since I have been working with TLP in my office, the accolades for this program have been pouring in.  While it is an investment, I can’t say enough about its benefits over the long term.  Furthermore, it is a resource that can be beneficial for the entire family.

Please don’t believe that there are no alternatives to medication.  There are, and they work.

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