October Giveaway: Essential Oil Blends from Well-Scent Apothecary

Oh how I love these oils! For me to introduce something new into my practice, it has to be really, really special, and they are. Well-Scent is a small line of wildcrafted and organic essential oils blended with great love and care, and they have graciously donated 4 different bottles for this month’s Giveaway.

You know about my Giveaways, right? I’m celebrating my 20th year in holistic practice by giving away wonderful prizes each month of 2013.

Four prizes: 1st winner gets first choice, 2nd winner gets second choice, etc.

Chill Out: Support your adrenals but bypass your liver so you don’t add more stress.

Go Go: Helpful for sinus support, lymphatic drainage and general detoxification.

Pause for Peace: a meditative and calming blend that soothes the spirit and relaxes the body. great for meditation practice

Smile: Lift your spirits, release your stress; calms and energizes in a gentle, uplifting way. (my favorite!)

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2 thoughts on “October Giveaway: Essential Oil Blends from Well-Scent Apothecary

  1. these all sound great, i’d be interested in any/all of them! i’ve been wanting to try essential oils but haven’t yet…great giveaway!


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