On Selling Supplements

I recently had a few clients tell me they had found a supplement I sold them online for a few dollars less.  Please hear me out on this.

Did you know that I sell almost everything I stock for less than Suggested Retail?  There are exceptions, but I do my best to make the best quality supplements affordable for you to use.  Here are a few points to consider:

  • When you buy from me, you support a small independent local business, a solo entrepreneur and independent business woman. I in turn do my best to support other small businesses.
  • A rose may be a rose, but the same is not true of supplements.  I work only with companies that voluntarily work to pharmaceutical standards (you do know supplements are not regulated, right?).  I know the people who run the companies, the quality of their raw materials, and the quality of their manufacturing.  I do the work of sifting through what’s out there, and offering you only the best.
  • I stand behind what I sell, and my policy has always been that if you can not use it, for any reason, you can return it for full credit within 30 days and I will find you something else that works better.  You won’t find anyone with a more generous policy.
  • You get my expertise. I don’t tell you to take everything that could possibly be good for you, or everything that’s being written up this month as a hot new fad.  I invest a lot of time and money keeping up with research and cutting edge clinical practice, so you don’t have to.  Dr Oz comes up with half a dozen products 5 days a week that are all helpful for everyone for everything. NOT.  I am fairly conservative when it comes to supplements.  I want to find the fewest number that will make a significant difference in your health and well-being. Not everything that might be okay to take. Not everything that’s theoretically beneficial. Just what’s best for you.  So really I can save you money by being fussy – and accurate – on your behalf.
  • I appreciate loyalty, and do my best to earn it by being your advocate and adviser.

When a client comes in for an initial consultation, I always ask them to bring in whatever they are taking. I’m happy if what you have already is good for you. But don’t you want to know if it’s not?  You, as an individual, have individual needs, a unique metabolism and health circumstances. I can help you find what is exactly right for you.

Q: Can I buy supplements from you if I’m not a client?

A: Yes.  I am happy to provide supplements that you request. However, I can not take responsibility for them being exactly right for you.

Q: What are your shipping policies?

A: I ship for clients both local and long distance about twice a week.  My shipping charges are cost plus  a dollar. I usually ship USPS Priority Mail.

So, bottom line: I promise to continue to do my best to make it both affordable and the very best value for you to buy your supplements from me.  Thank you!

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