Holiday Survival Package

The holiday season is almost here, and I want to help you not only survive it, but thrive so that you start the new year feeling even better than you ended this one.  It’s not impossible. In fact, it’s not even that difficult, if you have the right information, guidance and support.

I can help you navigate the holiday season so that you feel and look great, all the way through, and don’t have to start 2014 trying to recover from 2013.

Want to look and feel your best for New Year’s Eve? Radiating vitality in your clearer skin, trimmer tummy and boundless energy? You can!  I’ve put together everything you need to succeed, including 3 one-on-one sessions with me, products, a very simple exercise program you can do even if you’re short on time, and we can work either in person or long distance.

This is a special offer, only for December, and only for a limited number of people, because my calendar is pretty busy, as you know if you’ve tried to make an appointment lately! So if you’ve been wanting an opportunity to work with me, this program is a great way to either get started, or jump back in.

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Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. A one hour individual strategy session with me to discuss your goals and put together a program
  2. Articles, recipes and holiday-oriented tips to help you succeed
  3. Two half hour follow up sessions with me to assess your progress, give you support and additional ideas
  4. A delicious protein shake to use for one meal daily for 30 days; your choice of flavors
  5. A dozen delicious healthy bars for emergencies and/or treats
  6. A container of my amazing Coconut Supreme, to add to your shake for fat loss and fullness, and boosts your immune system, too, so important this time of year. And don’t forget to use it on your skin for a younger and healthier glow.
  7. A 16 ounce bag of raw organic Chia seeds, my favorite Superfood, to use in your shake and other recipes. Excellent for fiber, healthy fats, protein, and minerals
  8. My favorite exercise DVD: only 15 minutes 3x a week will get you better results than hours on the treadmill. This is the best and most fun functional fitness. No equipment necessary and you only need a small space
  9. Simple and effective tools for stress management

For the first 5 people to sign up, I will add my wonderful high potency B12 serum for a great energy boost (you’re going to love this the morning after a party!)  Clients who’ve done both say it’s even better than B12 shots, and their blood work shows it’s more effective, too. Plus, it’s tasty!

All of this is more than a $650 value. But I’m not charging anywhere near that. I want you to learn to navigate the holidays with good cheer and great health, including a slimmer tummy, clear skin, and lots of energy, so I am offering this package for only $379. But remember… it is just for December, I only have a limited number of openings, and only the first 5 people to register will get the B12 packet as a bonus.  Book your first session between Dec 3 and Dec 17 and I will guide you through the season until New Year’s!

Are you ready? Let’s do the holidays right this year. You want to sparkle with health and vitality, right? You can.


Remember, the option will disappear from my calendar when I reach the limit of spots I have open. And the bonus B12 is only for the first 5 people to sign up! So if you feel like this is the help you need, please don’t hesitate. I wouldn’t want you to miss the chance if it’s calling you. It might be the best holiday gift you give this year!

Book Your Holiday Survival Package

Please note:

1. For long distance clients, there is an additional $20 charge for shipping.

2. Your credit card will be charged once you book the session.

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