The Lowest Risk Change You Can Make for Your Health

Many people I’ve spoken with are skeptical that nutritional changes can help with chronic health issues as effectively as pharmaceutical medicine. Once they try my approach, they usually become evangelists for it, astounded at how much better they feel and function.
Why give it a try? Here are my top 3 reasons you should.

  • Everything I recommend is low to no risk. Medications often improve one issue only to create new ones – also known as side effects. Have you read the inserts and warning labels on your medications lately? Or actually listened to the warnings on those TV ads? Pretty scary. In contrast, improving your nutrition is ONLY good for you. There really is no down side to eating better.
  • Most bang for your buck. When you improve nutrition EVERYTHING gets better: body composition, metabolism, aches and pains, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, and other lab measures, focus and attention, sleep, energy… Clients are always amazed that problems they didn’t even tell me about diminish or even vanish when they learn to truly nourish themselves.
  • Address the underlying issues. Food is information. Each time you eat, you tell your metabolism and hormones what to do, how to run your body and mind. You can’t put in low quality fuel and get optimal results, especially as you move past the childbearing years. Most of us take fuel for our cars more seriously than fuel for our bodies, which aren’t replaceable! Instead of using “bandaids” for symptoms, the right foods can help us heal and repair for better health and longevity.

As I always say, we have, innately and by design, a tremendous capacity to heal, much greater than we realize. All you need is the right information, guidance and support.

If it needs be said, please understand that I am not against conventional medicine. Far from it! I am grateful to have it available, have benefited from it myself, and refer clients to doctors for their expertise regularly. Doctors have skills outside my realm; I have expertise unfamiliar to most doctors.

The Harvard trained M.D. Sara Gottfried, with whom I recently did some additional training on hormones, mentioned that in 12 years of medical school, she was given one half hour on nutrition. After 25 years of study, and more than 20 of successful clinical practice, that is my area of expertise, and I would love to share it with you.

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