Happy Mother’s Day

Since I was a teenager, I believed that being a mother was my deepest calling.

(My work is my calling, too, but it was my kids who led me into this work, each of them with their “unsolvable” health issues as babies.)

Seeing my kids evolve and surpass me, seeing them so far ahead of where I was, at every stage of life, leaves me feeling awed, blessed, and deeply fulfilled.

My job with my kids isn’t over, of course, even though they are accomplished young adults out on their own. They know I am always here for them, as a mom and, increasingly, as a friend.

And I am still on my own journey of discovery and healing. Every day I’m astounded at how expansive life feels, at the age of 61.

But I still have more mothering energy than my two kids need. What do I do with it?

My mission is to nurture each of you who comes into my path; to help you remember, reclaim your healthiest, most authentic self, or maybe claim it for the first time.

Because I know that when people feel healthy, rested, clear minded, vital and vibrant; when they are no longer slogging through their days, but dancing through them, they can make the contributions they are truly meant to make in this world.

Love and support (with some sound advice) will do that for you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all those who nurture, support, and birth better lives for us all.

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