About Ulcers via The New York Times

“I got a blood test to see if I was infected with H. pylori; the test came back negative”

Source: 6 Things I Learned About Ulcers – The New York Times

This makes me so sad, for the writer and everyone reading in good faith. I find a huge proportion of my practice is infected with H. pylori, whether they have a positive blood test or not.

The key? Do they get better when we address it with any of the several herbal formulas I use? Since the answer is almost always yes, then we can assume there’s some fault in the testing, certainly not an usual circumstance.

Antibiotics for gut issues? A bad combo, since they will irritate and degrade the gut further. I’ve seen too many clients experience greater pain, rather than relief. And they’re not necessary! Herbs work well and are healing in multiple ways.

Many infections are low grade, chronic and not detected with lab work. That doesn’t mean they aren’t wreaking havoc on you.

And then… the food issue. I can tell you within a few minutes what foods you can and can’t eat. Then we heal the gut, lower inflammation, and usually, within a few months and assuming compliance, you can put many of those foods back in.


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