Health Kinesiology

Health Kinesiology was developed by Dr. Jimmy Scott of Canada about 40 years ago. Through muscle testing, we can identify allergens (food, dust, pollen, etc), germs (viruses, bacteria, spirochetes), thoughts (I’m not good enough, I’m stupid), or emotions (anger, anxiety) that stress your system and drain your energy. The good news is that HK can help strengthen you to the specific stressors affecting you, increase your body’s ability to deal with them with no or fewer symptoms, and improve your health and energy in very tangible ways. HK is particularly helpful in identifying and eliminating food sensitivities and other allergies.

The basic principles of kinesiology are derived from traditional Chinese healing methods such as Acupuncture Dr. Scott built on these methods, using solid, scientific approaches to understanding the human electromagnetic energy system, psychology, and psychophysiology. HK’s broad applications range from electromagnetic issues to psychological and spiritual ones, from allergy and detoxification to geopathic stress.

Like acupuncture, HK uses the meridian model of the human energy system. This energy system supplies life force to the individual. Any stress—nutritional, emotional, electromagnetic, etc.,—can impair the energy system, and precise rebalancing of the energy system can eliminate or diminish the effects of these stressors.

Acupuncturists observe the energy system by monitoring subtle pulses in the wrists; the HK practitioner observes the energy system by monitoring subtle muscle responses that come from the Autonomic Nervous System. Unlike acupuncturists, HK practitioners only use light touch on specific acupoints or other energy reflexes to correct energy imbalances.

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