“If they can’t have a beer & a hot dog once in a while, you haven’t fixed ’em” George Goodheart, Father of Kinesiology

I once attended a seminar given by a fairly prominent and well-published M.D. He began by telling a story about a woman who had gone on a 30 day fast, and then came in to see him. “It didn’t work at all” she told him. “All my symptoms came back the first time I had a few french fries.”

Health Kinesiology

Health Kinesiology was developed by Dr. Jimmy Scott of Canada about 40 years ago. Through muscle testing, we can identify allergens (food, dust, pollen, etc), germs (viruses, bacteria, spirochetes), thoughts (I’m not good enough, I’m stupid), or emotions (anger, anxiety) that stress your system and drain your energy. The good news is that HK canContinue reading “Health Kinesiology”

Food Sensitivities

Identifying food sensitivities and helping clients adapt to eliminating them has been one of the most important keys to successfully assisting my clients reach their optimal health and well-being. Many clients come in with a long list of chronic symptoms, each of which has been treated, often unsuccessfully, with different medication, by a different specialist, and all of which we have been able to resolve within months simply by identifying and eliminating food sensitivities.