Kombucha Tea Attracts a Following and Doubters – NYTimes.com

“I’m surprised people would pay to get this stuff,” Mr. Anderson said. “The kind you can buy tastes vinegary and dry, whereas the one you can make yourself is so incredibly delicious.”

via Kombucha Tea Attracts a Following and Doubters – NYTimes.com.

It’s true: making Kombucha yourself at home is so easy and inexpensive, and definitely tastes better than the stuff in the store (which costs close to $4 a bottle).  Hangover cure?  Maybe.  Cancer or HIV cure?  Well, probably not, but it is assuredly a healthy tonic, rich in enzymes, probiotics and other nutrients. And yup, “a healthy, fizzy drink to replace sugary soda and juice.”

Read my post about Kombucha, and learn how to buy system to brew your own. (Yes, you can put one together yourself, and I’d be happy to give you a SCOBY, as well, if I have one to share, which I usually do.  But this system makes it fool-proof – truly!)

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