Zen Vitality Detox Class Starts April 9th

CLASS IS SOLD OUT! THANKS EVERYONE! Are winter doldrums and comfort carbs weighing you down? Feeling foggy, blah and sluggish as we head into Spring? Want to lose belly bloat, cravings, and 5 or 10 pounds? Do you need to replace vitality-depleting habits with vitality-building habits? This is what you’re looking for. The Zen VitalityContinue reading “Zen Vitality Detox Class Starts April 9th”

Q & A about my Zen Vitality Detox Classes

) Q: What can I expect if I take your class? A: You can expect to lose: weight, fat, bloat, brain fog, aches and pains. You can expect to gain: energy, focus, clearer skin, better digestion. You will learn a lot about how we are exposed to toxins, and what to do about it. YouContinue reading “Q & A about my Zen Vitality Detox Classes”

The Zen Vitality Detox – Live & Online Classes!

Drop your stress and 5-10 pounds, boost your energy and vitality! It’s the Zen Vitality Detox Class. 5 Thursdays starting March 20 7PM at my office or 5 Tuesdays online starting April 15 at 7PM.

Thirsty but bored? What Can You Drink Besides Water?

One of the most frequent questions I get is: what can I drink besides water? Here are a full baker’s dozen of options for healthy natural delicious sugar-free summertime drinks.

Kombucha Tea Attracts a Following and Doubters – NYTimes.com

“I’m surprised people would pay to get this stuff,” Mr. Anderson said. “The kind you can buy tastes vinegary and dry, whereas the one you can make yourself is so incredibly delicious.” via Kombucha Tea Attracts a Following and Doubters – NYTimes.com. It’s true: making Kombucha yourself at home is so easy and inexpensive, andContinue reading “Kombucha Tea Attracts a Following and Doubters – NYTimes.com”

The Cold Snap, and Your Hydration

One of the side effects of all this cold is all the heat we’re pumping through our homes. And that makes our bodies drier: not only externally (dry skin, dry hair, dry mucous membranes) but internally. Find out why hydration is so important to your health, and how to improve yours.