Spanish Class Wisdom

I was in my son’s Spanish class, some years ago, for his high school’s open house, and saw a sign that resonated deeply. The teacher didn’t know who wrote it or where it came from, but I think it’s well worth passing along, and I hope whoever wrote it appreciates my doing so.

We often fail not because we can’t succeed, but because we trade what we want in the moment for what we want most.

We all need to remember this, whether we are about to eat something we shouldn’t, say a harsh word to a loved one, put off our exercise for the day, close our heart to a friend, or give up on our dreams.   I hope it is as good a reminder for you as it is for me.  Take a deep breath, regain your perspective, and remember what’s truly important.

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One thought on “Spanish Class Wisdom

  1. hi Fran,
    great quote. And definitely fits with the theme of being rid of shame, blame, & pretense…



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