Study Links ADHD in Kids to Pesticide Exposure – TIME

Study Links ADHD in Kids to Pesticide Exposure – TIME.

Pesticides are just one factor, as the article notes, in the alarming rise of ADHD.

I have worked successfully with children with ADD and ADHD ( as well as kids on the Autistic Spectrum) for almost 2 decades, using nutrition, homeopathy and kinesiology to identify and address issues.  Please try a natural approach before you consider medication. Medications always have side effects, and both their short and long term impact is always uncertain.  Too often, issues are addressed with medication and behavioral methods, but basic issues like sensitivities to foods, household chemicals, electromagnetic fields, and more, are ignored, and they can make a dramatic difference for your child.  Sometimes a simple change can make a profound and lasting difference.

With school ending and summer approaching, now is the perfect opportunity to work on these issues so that by the time your child returns to school in the fall, s/he can be functioning significantly better, as well as being healthier and happier.

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