F.D.A. Fails to Approve New Diet Pill

F.D.A. Fails to Approve Contrave, a New Diet Pill – NYTimes.com.

There’s good news, and there’s bad news.

There is no pill, and there’s not likely to be in the foreseeable future.  And if and when there is, it will come with myriad risks to other aspects of your health.

There is, however, a sure-fire way to lose body fat. Here it is, in two words: Get Healthy. That doesn’t mean counting calories, or starving yourself, fasting, or eating out of cans or frozen trays. It means learning to eat real food that is right for you.  It means identifying and eliminating food sensitivities, like gluten or dairy, and then balancing protein, carbs and healthy fats, each time you eat.

The beauty of this method is that you will heal your metabolism, lose fat (not muscle, bone or hydration) and feel great! Bonus? Many of symptoms, from indigestion to headaches to joint pain, disappear along the way.

Want to know how it would work for you? Read about my 13 Week Success Program.

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