Less Sleep Linked With Metabolic Problems in Children – NYTimes.com

Put your kids to bed! Without TVs, computers, iPods, phones, video games or even those old fashioned things called books.  Kids need sleep! We all do, but kids can really suffer if they don’t get it. Not only metabolic, but behavior problems are often exacerbated by insufficient sleep. School schedules don’t make it easy, but parents can help by providing routine, structure and consistency, whether the child is a toddler or a teen.

Set a reasonable time based on when your child gets up in the morning.  School kids generally need at least 8 or 9 hours, and teens need even more. Make sure that your children are actually separated from all their “toys” at bedtime. In fact, it’s a good idea to be electronics-free 90 minutes before sleep.

It’s not just kids’ weight that suffers from lack of sleep. I have often found that getting an extra hour of sleep can help reduce body fat in adults.

Less Sleep Linked With Metabolic Problems in Children – NYTimes.com.

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