Breakfast Strategy Reconsidered

The problem with studies like this one reported in the NY Times is that it looks only at calories. Not nutrition. Not health. Not satiety. Just calories.

Breakfast can help you start the day alert, calm, and energized, or it can send your blood sugar sky-rocketing, only to drop you a very short time later.  A good breakfast will keep you focused and full for at least 4 or 5 hours, without snacks.

A good breakfast, for most people, combines a few ounces of protein (eggs are wonderful food!), some healthy non-starchy carbs (like veggies, or berries), a little bit of starchy carbs (most fruits, starchy vegetables, or grains) and a little bit of healthy fat (for example: avocado, chia seeds, nuts, or coconut milk).  Once you find the right combination, you will be amazed at how much better you feel. And yes, it definitely does reduce cravings during the day, as well.

Big caveat: You must identify and eliminate hidden food sensitivities in order for this formula to work. If you are sensitive to gluten, for instance, and have it every morning in the form of cereal or toast, for instance, it will dramatically increase your cravings and your hunger throughout the day. It will also increase inflammation and decrease your metabolism.

It’s never just the quantity of what you eat. After all, the point isn’t simply to eat fewer calories, is it? It’s to be healthy and feel good.  For that goal, what you choose is at least as important than how much.

Big Breakfast Ineffective for Cutting Total Calories, Study Finds –

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