Bengston Energy Healing Method©

Bill Bengston, PhD, gets some downright remarkable results working with severe illnesses, including cancer. I have been studying Bill Bengston’s technique on my own since last year, and met with him once this February, then finally got a chance to do some real training with him in June.

Bill is primarily a researcher, one who is extremely skeptical about healing, and yet 35 years ago, had the experience of being healed of a chronic health issue, permanently and completely, by a healer.  This perturbed him so much that he has spent the past decades in university research labs, using the technique he learned from the healer to (successfully) cure mice of cancer, and trying to figure out exactly what happens when they heal.  His hope is that he will be able to understand something about this mysterious process, isolate the variables and make something like a cancer “vaccine” available to everyone who needs it.  In the meantime, while Bill is mostly interested in exploring questions with mice in a lab, he has been training clinicians who are more interested in working with people, and I am very excited to be among them.

One of the conundrums of Bill Bengston’s method is that it seems to work best for serious and aggressive illness, like some cancers, but not for more benign health issues. His perennial joke is that he can’t heal warts.  If you are interested in learning more about his story and his method, you can get his book or audio.

There is also a free Sounds True interview, as well as some information on his website.

I will be working with The Bengston Method in sessions, which can be done both in person and long-distance. Please let me know if you are interested.

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