Have Me Test Your Food Sensitivities: Special Offer Ends Mar 1st

Identifying and eliminating food sensitivities is one of the keys to lifelong health. I see that more and more clearly over my 20 years in practice. And for years, people have asked if I will “just check food sensitivities”. I always say no, that I prefer to do a full health evaluation, of which food sensitivities are just a part. I have lots of sound professional reasons for this, but… I also know that and that not everyone wants or can afford a full evaluation with me. And I want you to have this information!

SO just for the next 10 days I am offering you the opportunity to have me check your food sensitivities, in person or long distance (by webcam or phone). Simply make the appointment by March 1st. The appointment does not need to be completed by then, just the booking.

I am often asked about the reliability of my testing. In the past, I experimented with blood tests as part of my practice, and I have certainly seen many hundreds of people who came in with blood tests and skin prick tests. Sometimes they are useful, often they’re not, meaning that when people make changes based on the information, they don’t experience a significant improvement in their health.

On the other hand, if we measure in terms of results, my testing is superb, meaning that my clients consistently experience dramatic, beneficial changes by following the indications that we get. That I get calls and emails almost every day from clients who are reclaiming their lives, and their health, and their vitality, based on these results; that their doctors often find the changes in lab work, weight, and even appearance, to be jaw dropping; that their friends and family ask “what are you doing different?”; that clients are often able to reduce or eliminate medication, improve their body composition, lose weight and drop clothing sizes when they hadn’t been able to before, to reduce aches, pains, GI problems, energy, sleep, and many other symptoms.

I still feel that it is important to look at other issues as well, but I truly believe that this is a linchpin of health for many of us. You can experiment on your own with food elimination, but that is a long, unwieldy and often unclear process. In just a few minutes, I can tell you what you need to know.

So for 10 days only, I am offering you the opportunity to have me test for food sensitivities for you, your family members, your friends, in fact, anyone who might benefit. The fee is $85 per person and you must book it online by March 1st.

Please share this offer! But first, if you haven’t already had me check for you and your family, book an appointment now!

This link will disappear on March 1st, so please take advantage of this opportunity.

Book a session to learn your food sensitivities!

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