What are you putting on your skin?

Whatever it is, you should know that it is quickly absorbed into your bloodstream.

Many clients ask me about safe and effective personal care products for skin and hair, including deodorant.

I was first introduced to Herbalix by Dr Klinghardt few years ago. I have used the Detox Deodorant both personally and in my practice ever since, and highly recommend it. It is a unique product that, used at night, works to support lymphatic flow and absorb toxins, including aluminum from conventional deodorants. I know the people who run this company and developed the products; they have tremendous integrity and a strong commitment to research.

I am delighted to announce that I am now carrying their daytime deodorants as well.

You can pick up Herbalix products in my waiting room, at your session, or I can ship them to you.

Clients who’ve used Detox Deodorant report less odor during during the day, less breast pain and just “feeling better” in the morning.

You can shop the entire Herbalix line, with a 10% discount you can use any time. Just add the code “FSHS” when you check out.

Their products are all gluten-free, of course, and also free of synthetic chemicals, petroleum, preservatives, or fragrances.

Use the coupon code FSHS while checking out, in order to get the 10% discount. Along with deodorant, they offer soaps, shampoos, moisturizers, and more. Enjoy!

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