I know it must be Spring because…

… because the past couple weeks I’ve been craving green juice again, a desire that seems to naturally fade out during the dark, cold winter months, when fresh green stuff is both less available and less appealing.  And I have to say, I LOVE my new juicer. I have had 3 over the past 20 years: a great stainless steel Acme I inherited from my Mom, but that I couldn’t get replacement parts for when the blades finally wore out; a Breville, which I loved and recommended for years for its ease of both use and cleaning; and last year, an Omega low speed single augur juicer. Maybe it’s spring fever, but I think I’m in love.

Yes, it takes a little more time to clean and to assemble, but the juice! oh my, the juice is so much better. I did a taste test at several of my workshops, making the exact same juice with both the Breville and the Omega, and virtually everyone agreed that the Omega juice was far more delicious. 

When you’re spending a small fortune on organic veggies, you want to get the most out of them. The Breville is fast and easy, but even after running the pulp through 3 or 4 times, it doesn’t get nearly as much out as the Omega does in one pass. Plus, the Omega easily handles wheatgrass, sprouts, parsley and other greens that the Breville spits out almost untouched. So while you will spend more for it, if you’re juicing regularly, the Omega will pay for itself in efficiency.

I was also worried that after the convenience of the large opening in the Breville, it would feel laborious to cut things up to fit the Omega, but the Omega’s opening is actually pretty large. I can easily put in a good sized cuke, just sliced lengthwise, and the self-feeder really works well.

So no contest: I heartily recommend the Omega.

Today’s juice, pictured, is a mix of sunflower sprouts, cucumber, fresh ginger, parsley, whole lemon, and a small carrot, and it was very tasty!

For more information on how, why and what to juice, see my article Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Juicing

4 thoughts on “I know it must be Spring because…

  1. So glad I looked here today. We were looking at the Breville… it’s worth it to save up for the Omega!! (especially since I know I’m going to have a hard time selling my husband and daughter on drinking it!)


    1. Start them slowly, Ellen, with some carrot or apple make it more palatable. I find the sunflower spouts kind of sweeten it too. I love lots of greens, with just lemon and ginger, but for some it uh takes a while to develop a taste for it ;p


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