How Do You Know That’s Good For You?

Here’s how: let me teach you muscle testing.

It’s an invaluable skill, and anyone can learn the basics. You will be able to test foods and supplements for yourself and your family at the completion of this class.

Of course, food and supplements are just two of many elements I check at every Initial Consultation, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to do it yourself?

This is going to be a great class, and I am excited to be teaching it again. It is starting to fill up, so let me know asap if you want to join us.

I will be teaching this class over 2 Saturdays, April 6 and April 13, from 10-3. It will be limited to a small group, so that I can give plenty of individual attention, and make sure that each one of you leaves with the ability to do simple muscle testing for yourself and others. I will also do some individual work with each participant, and we will discuss the process of using muscle testing in a health and healing context.

I have been using muscle testing for 25 years, and can’t imagine life without it.  I have taught this class many times, but not in a few years now.  We will go step by step, so that you can learn correctly, and confidently apply what you learn.

The cost is $250. You can pay by check, credit card (if I have it on file, or you leave it on my voicemail), or use the Paypal button below, but I must have your payment to secure your spot in the class.

This class will take place in my office.

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