How Sleep Loss Adds to Weight Gain –

“The relationship between sleep loss and weight gain is a strong one, borne out in a variety of studies over the years.”

via How Sleep Loss Adds to Weight Gain –

I’ve been preaching this for many, many years, and when a client on my 13 Week Success Program comes in with a gain in fat despite doing everything right nutritionally that week, I always ask about sleep issues, along with any increase in stress. Both significantly impact hormones, changing the way we respond to food both psychologically and metabolically.  It happens quickly, with an increase in belly fat, and often drops in muscle and hydration as well.

Part of what the research shows is that the “old” part of the brain takes over after lack of sleep, and demands high caloric foods, regardless of the actual need for energy, and the amount of food or calories consumed.

“Hormones that stimulate appetite increase, while hormones that blunt it drop. People become less sensitive to insulin, raising their risk of Type 2 diabetes.”

Clearly, chronic sleep issues can lead to chronic health issues. For more on this, please read my article “Sleep: Health Essential Number 1” and others on my website explaining the importance of a good night’s sleep – and how to get it.

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