Anti-Anxiety Drugs Tied to Higher Mortality; There Is An Alternative

“…the research “adds to an accumulating body of evidence that these drugs are dangerous.”

That’s what a prescribing doctor says, and the research backs him up, in spades. The study, which was large, and long-term concluded that “After adjusting for a wide variety of factors, the researchers found that people who took the drugs had more than double the risk of death.”

Here’s the good news. I have consistently found that even severe anxiety and panic attacks can be successfully addressed with nutritional and lifestyle changes.

One of the most important of these, in my experience, is eliminating gluten. Gluten causes all sorts of problems in the brain/mind, including depression and anxiety, and has also been linked to ADHD, ASD, Alzheimer’s, and even schizophrenia. I’m not saying it is the sole cause, but it is often a significant factor. Simply put, gluten causes inflammation, and nothing functions normally when the system is so inflamed.

Many of my clients who have come in with anxiety or panic attacks as their presenting complaint, and have not found relief with medications, have been able to rid themselves of this crippling issues holistically.

Customized, balanced nutrition can balance hormones and neurotransmitters, and the only “side effects” are improved health, short term and long term.

Note: Of course, I am not recommending anyone get off medication that is prescribed by their doctor. But I do want you to know that their are effective alternatives available, and I have a great deal of success in this area.

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