Beware of Roundup/Glyphosphate

There is growing evidence that Roundup is infiltrating our food supply and interfering with our health in surprising – and frightening – ways.

Before I give you some of the highlights, I want to mention that I can help with detox of glyphosate in my office.

  • Roundup interferes with the biochemistry of bacteria in our gut. It got approval originally based on the fact that the pathway by which it kills plants doesn’t exist in humans. But that pathway exists in the beneficial bacterial essential to humans.
  • Roundup results in depletion of amino acids, particularly tyrosine, tryptophan, and phenylalanine.
  • Roundup inhibits cytochrome P450, which is essential for detox, for Vitamin D, and for healthy cholesterol, among many functions.
  • Animal studies that “prove” safety are short term, rarely more than a few months. The real risk is cumulative absorption over time
  • Roundup used to be spread only on weeds. Now it is spread on entire crops, especially potatoes, beans and grains. That’s a lot of food.

What have our regulatory agencies done? They have raised the allowable levels in our food, in some cases doubling them!

Read the full article here: Gut-Wrenching: New Studies Reveal the Insidious Effects of Glyphosate | Cornucopia Institute.

And I particularly worry about my golfing friends and clients. Did you know that golf course superintendents have a higher rate of many cancers? For an example of studies on that specific issue, go here.

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