New Giveaway! Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook

It’s a reference book. It’s a cookbook. It’s a gorgeous inspiration for healthier eating. It’s The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook, and it’s all that and more. I’ve been raving about it to clients and showing off my review copy for weeks!

I am so excited to introduce you to this new book, which answers so many of the questions my clients bring to me, such as:

  • Can I make simple gluten-free wraps or tortillas at home? (page 169)
  • Chicken nuggets that will make both you and your kids happy (page 324)
  • How do I make my food taste more interesting?
  • And whole sections on how to stock your kitchen with equipment, food, seasonings, and more

Everything in here is gluten free, and there are options for other sensitivities.

Note: I do love this book. That doesn’t mean that everything in it is 100% consistent with what I teach. There are recipes for soy (a no-no in my view), peanuts (high in mycotoxins), and recipes very high in sugars and carbs (even though they’re sugars from fruits and high carbs from grains and beans). Most of my clients don’t do well with these while they’re healing.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile. It is. And with over 300 recipes, I’ve already found a few that I know will become staples in my kitchen.

So I’m very excited that, to celebrate its publication, I have 3 copies to give away!

Of course you can simply order it for yourself, and guarantee that you will have this valuable resource on your shelf. But why not enter the Giveaway, too?  You can always share with a friend, if you win.

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