25 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Will Heal Your Life (or not)

This was published as my Holistic Outlook column in The Times Herald Record.

Did I get your attention? I thought so. Catchy headlines with big promises work great –  in the sense that they get seen, read and shared constantly. But there’s a problem.

Blueberries. Lavender Oil. Acai. Avocados. Spirulina. Kale in everything…

Hey if anyone wants to find the most natural, simplest, approach it’s me.
But if I have learned one thing in 25 years of studying nutrition and the human body it’s this: we’re pretty complex organisms.
We are:

  •     Designed to heal.
  •     Beautifully made.
  •     Fundamentally meant to be healthy.
  •     Extremely complex.

Want to believe that [fill in the blank] will cure or prevent cancer?  Get rid of warts? End cellulite? Make you SuperWoman?

Often these have an element of truth, such as containing a phytonutrient that has shown promise in research. In labs. In mice. In theory.

That doesn’t mean that eating a handful of blueberries, using an essential oil, or doubling up on your avocados is going to cure cancer. And it scares me when people think it will.
(And yes, I’ve known people who tried to cure cancer with essential oils. Please don’t.)
Just because something contains a beneficial nutrient doesn’t mean:

  1. that you will get a therapeutic dose from eating or using it. You might need hundreds of times the dose you could get from food in order to get the therapeutic benefit, and you might need that dose over a very long period of time. How many blueberries?
  2. that one food or element is sufficient. If your diet or lifetstyle habits still has “leaks” where your health is draining out, one new food is not going to fix it.

Sorry. I don’t mean to be a Negative Nellie. But I want you to know the truth, and not go for one silly (or even dangerous) fad after another.

THIS is the way you heal your health:

  • Optimize Your Nutrition
  • Lower Your Toxic Burden
  • Utilize Stress Management Techniques
  • Get Good Quality & Quantity Sleep

So… is this approach more work than adding Apple Cider Vinegar or Acai berries to your life?
Well, yeah. But guess what?
If you take these steps, you will have a plan for the foundation of health and vitality for the rest of your life.

No more hopping from one new fad to the next.

No more crazy stupid dieting.

No more wasting your precious time and money on stuff that couldn’t possibly match its promises.

Nothing will guarantee lasting health. But these are the steps you can take to make it as likely as possible.

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