Do This to Afford 100% Grass Fed Meat

Grass Fed Meat and Beef

If the price of 100% grass fed meat keeps you from eating your healthiest, here’s an option that beats everything else I’ve tried.

100% Grass Fed Meat that is economical, convenient and tasty!

There is no question that grass fed meat is better for you: better nutritionally, including more Omega 3s than farmed fish, more metabolism-boosting CLA (that’s conjugated linoleic acid) and then, of course, there’s what it DOESN’T have: hormones, antibiotics, steroids, inflammatory fats and well, sick animals eating bad food in a horrible and filthy environment, that then become your food.

You are what you eat  <==> You are what you eat, eats.

I stopped eating meat after reading Michael Pollan’s famous (and horrifying) NY Times magazine piece about the life and death of a factory farmed calf. It later became the basis for his best selling book The Omnivore’s Dilemma.

Years later, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and knew that my high carb vegetarian diet could be contributing to it, I was thrilled that many local farms here in the Hudson Valley had converted to organically grown produce and grass fed animals. (It’s a perk of being close to NYC.)

But it’s still pricey, and I have to find time in my crazy busy schedule to shop, and the farms often have odd and limited hours, and usually don’t even have what I’m looking for.

I know, whine whine whine… for the past few years I’ve gotten most of my meat online with US Wellness, although I had to buy a freezer to hold the large orders so that it was economically feasible for me.

No more! I discovered The Butcher Box and it’s not only a (much!) better deal money-wise, the meat is noticeably tastier. I did not expect that, especially for the price.

Here’s how it works:

  • You pay a flat rate of $129, including shipping, and they send you a box of meat, your choice of beef or a mix of beef, chicken and/or pork.
  • By their count, it’s 15-20 meals of 6-8 ounce portions. For most people, that means it’s double the portions, or 30-40 portions, since 3-4 ounces is all most of us should be having. For instance, my last shipment included flatiron steaks that were the best I ever tasted, and each one was easily 2 generous portions.
  • Each box includes recipes for the cuts of meat in the shipment. The recipes are simple and delicious, nothing too complicated at all, so you won’t be intimidated by unfamiliar cuts.
  • You can schedule your delivery to come once a month, once every 2 months or once every 3 months, and change it at any time. It’s flexible.
  • You can cancel or skip a month easily. Very flexible!
  • oh – and did I mention free bacon? Yup, they’re including a free package of bacon for everyone who orders with my link right now.
  • UPDATE #1! they’ve added more options to customize what you order – hooray!  Now you can add on bones for your bone broth, or take advantage of special offers each month on great cuts.
  • UPDATE #2 I don’t usually eat chicken or pork, but I thought it was important to know what I was recommending, so I tried it, and I am thrilled to report that it is amazing taste and quality – yum!

Order and get your free Bacon here

Before trying it, I had 2 concerns:

  1. that the size of the cuts would be big and difficult to use, or
  2. that the quality of the meat would be lower because the cost was lower.

Both were completely unfounded. I am a convert and a fan, and that’s why want to share this incredible healthy new option with you.

Support the farm to table movement. Support small farms that raise animals in a way that is “species-appropriate”: 100% grass fed and healthy. Support the health of your family and yourself. And enjoy the best tasting meat you’ve ever had (imho!)

p.s. Someone asked me whether this meat is organic. Of course this is important to me, too, but you have to understand it a little differently. The cows are never grain fed or grain finished, so there is no question of whether the grains they’re eating are organic, and NOTHING they graze or forage is ever sprayed. That doesn’t mean that every small farmer bothers with the very costly (and political) USDA certification, nor should they.

How do you put together a healthy meal?
Here’s an example:
3-4 oz of protein + lots of non-starchy veggies + a little healthy fat + a little healthy “real food”carbs

What might this look like?

For instance, half of the yummy flat iron steak, plus a big mess of broccoli (I’m talkin’ like 2 cups here) steamed and topped with pastured butter, plus a small sweet potato (or half a larger one).

If you balance it right, you will be full, satisfied, and focused for 4-6 hours, with no hunger, no cravings, no energy dips.

Need help tweaking how to do that, specifically for you? Want help identifying your individual food sensitivities and making sure you are taking the right supplements (those are the ones that will actually make a difference for you, and not everything that might, in theory, be mildly helpful), then putting it together in a daily plan based on what you like to eat?

That’s what my 6 Weeks to Success is all about, and it’s on sale for the month of January. We can work long distance by Skype or phone, or in my office if you’re local.

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