Holiday Sale! New Items, New Bonuses Added!

Want gift suggestions that that feel great and do you and your giftees good?

                      It’s time for my Annual Holiday Sale!

Plus – Bonuses!

  • Spend $100 and get a gift of a cocoa butter lip balm
  • Spend $200 and get a gift of 2 Bulletproof Snack bars
  • Spend $300 or more get a Snack Pack in a pretty little re-usable bag
  • Please let me choose your bonus for you

1. Sessions On Sale

  • Initial Consultation (normally $450 – now $399)    Book Here
  • Follow Up Session (normally $175 – now $150)    Book Here
  • 6 week Success Program (normally $449 – now $399) Book Here

2. Snacks One thing about holiday season? You’re on the go a lot, and that means routine flies out the window, right? You need some tasty nutritious snacks on hand to fuel your pace.

  • Collagen Bites from Bulletproof in Fudge Brownie or Vanilla Shortbread. Box of 15 $29 $24
  • Pumpkin Seeds: Savory (with Chia and Rosemary) or Sweet (Coconut Hemp) Bag is $5.50 or 2 for $10  email me to order

3. The Most Amazing Skin Care

  10% off with code fsussman

After coming through a second bout of cancer (no worries, I’m healthy), I knew I wanted to lower my toxic burden even more. I loved the results of my skin care, but it wasn’t as clean as I would have liked, and so I decided to sacrifice vanity for health. But I didn’t have to! My skin looks better than ever. This stuff is so healing, so therapeutically beneficial, and feels and smells so good, I’m over the moon about it! It even got rid of a small blemish on my eye that’s been there for years.

I recommend the C-Ex Vitamin C Serum if you want to splurge (pricey, but a bottle lasted me almost 2 months and it’s a game-changer), or the Infiniti and Beyond Package. If your skin is extremely sensitive, start with the Bare line. For acne and scarring, try Banished. I love love love Dirty Mouth: tooth powder plus essential oils for your gums. The sun products protected me perfectly in the tropical African sun.

Treat yourself. Treat your loved ones. This stuff is the real deal. And it’s 10% off with my link and code! Email me your receipt to qualify for the bonuses.

4. Boost Your Mind Boost Your Immunity with MUSHROOMS. I love mushrooms, but you have to get the good stuff. Much of what’s out there is junk – as is the case with most supplements, unfortunately. I just got these 2 new mushroom formulas in, and I LOVE them. One is for Immune Support, and the other combines mushrooms with nootropics for a great boost to your brain. They retail for $50 each, but try both for just $80 right now. The brain formula would make a great stocking stuffer for students, too. email me to order

5. Eye Cream Okay, I do NOT recommend this for daily use, but you know what? If you have an event, a party, or photos, or just want to look really good for a few hours, this stuff works. It makes puffiness, circles and lines around your eyes vanish temporarily. Retails for $80 – on sale for $50 (quantities limited) email me to order

6. Raindrop Sessions A series of essential oils applied to your feet and spine. I customize them for you, and combine them with a relaxing light frequency treatment to calm your adrenals. One hour $175   $129 Schedule Here

7. Zen Vitality Detox. Go through the holidays knowing you have a January detox in your back pocket. This 5 week online course is not just about taking things OUT of your life. It’s about all the good things you can add in to support yourself, including healthy treats, simple meditations, and so much more. Clear nutritional guidelines, and plenty of personal support from me! Half price Early Bird disappears very soon Save My Seat! $149 $74.50

8. Xyla Candies Improve your oral health while enjoying sweets that have no impact on your blood sugar. Birch xylitol, North American made, approximately 100 candies per bag $14 email me to order

9. Zen Vitality Room Enjoy, or gift, a “mini-vacation” with an hour in my Zen Room: Microcirculation Mat, Vibration Plate and Infrared Sauna. One hour visit on sale for $34 (normally $40) Book Here Want to take a video tour first? Watch here

10. Are you a Goddess? You might need my Goddess Packets, adaptogenic herbs that are great not only for hair skin and nails, but provide calm energy throughout your day. $40 ($49 SRP) email me to order

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