Chocolate Macadamia Truffles

To me there is something so perfect about this combination: rich and buttery macadamias combine with the superfood powers of collagen, cacao butter, vanilla powder, and Brain Octane

Pick up *d items in my office or order from Bulletproof


1/3 cup Collagen*
3 Tablespoons xylitol, pulverized to fine powder in the blender
1/8 tsp natural salt
1 tsp Vanilla Bean Powder*
6 oz Cacao Butter*, melted on very low heat

3 oz dark chocolate (I use 80% . You could also use the Bulletproof Chocolate Fuel Bars)
3 TBS Brain Octane Oil*


There’s a link to the mold I use below. The silicone makes it easy to pop the chocolates out when they are set. (Btw, I don’t recommend silicone for baking, but it’s perfect for cold treats like this.)

Melt the cacoa butter and dark chocolate together over very low heat, stirring and watching carefully to avoid scalding. While this is melting, mix all the dry ingredients in a small bowl and stir. Once the chocolate mix is completely melted, add it and Brain Octane Oil to the dry mix in the bowl, and stir to blend everything together fully.

Fill truffle molds halfway. Add a whole macadamia to each, then cover with the remaining mix, filling to the top.

Place in the freezer to set for 20 minutes. Remove from the freezer, and pop them out of their molds. If they aren’t gobbled immediately, keep them in the fridge.

Makes about 20 truffles.

Of course you can put something other than a macadamia in the middle: a different kind of nut, 1/4 teaspoon nut butter, a frozen cherry or blueberry… use your imagination, and what you’ve got in your pantry!

This is the mold I use:

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