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…Statistics suggest that at the very least technology hasn’t helped much in our war on calories. At worst, it is leading us the wrong way — giving us license to indulge one more brownie and an extra bag of potato chips.

via Editorial – Lo-Sweet, Lo-Fat, Lo-Salt – NYTimes.com.

Indeed, processed and taste-enhanced foods train our palates to always want things that are salty and sweet beyond what nature alone can supply.  My clients consistently tell me that as they eliminate more processed foods from their diets, and eat more “real foods”, everything starts to taste better.  Certainly, as the article states, non-caloric items have not helped us at all: we are eating more sugar as well, and even more significant, we are more overweight and less healthy than ever.  Of course, from my perspective, the issue isn’t calories at all, but I have written about that elsewhere, including here and here.

So please throw away your artificial sweeteners, and artificially sweetened products.  It is an important step on the road to better health.

If you need help modifying your diet for better health and nutrition, I am happy to help!

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