Got Milk? Might Not Be Doing You Much Good –

“More and more evidence is surfacing, however, that milk consumption may not only be unhelpful, it might also be detrimental.” I see the alarm on clients’ faces when I tell them to stop drinking milk, and they ask “but what about my bones?” Here is yet MORE evidence- lots of it – that drinking milkContinue reading “Got Milk? Might Not Be Doing You Much Good –”

Top 12 Nutritional Mistakes I See in My Practice

Here are the top 12 nutritional mistakes I see in my practice right now by people TRYING to eat healthier. Are you making any of them?

Editorial – Lo-Sweet, Lo-Fat, Lo-Salt –

…Statistics suggest that at the very least technology hasn’t helped much in our war on calories. At worst, it is leading us the wrong way — giving us license to indulge one more brownie and an extra bag of potato chips. via Editorial – Lo-Sweet, Lo-Fat, Lo-Salt – Indeed, processed and taste-enhanced foods trainContinue reading “Editorial – Lo-Sweet, Lo-Fat, Lo-Salt –”