Make Your Own Ice Cream

Why feel deprived when you can so simply have delicious and healthy ice cream at home, even if you’re dairy free?  I make mine with coconut milk, xylitol, raw cacao, and/or fresh fruit, and it is soooo delicious.

You can use the inexpensive Cuisinart, or indulge in the more extravagant DeLonghi. I used the former for years quite happily, but the DeLonghi is really fabulous: easy to use, easy to clean, and the end result is unbelievably yummy!

4 thoughts on “Make Your Own Ice Cream

  1. You use xylitol? Forgive me, I am new to your blog. Can you point me at something you (or someone else) may have written that might explain why it is a good thing? I remember its brief vouge in the 1970s; then it disappeared – why I wonder?


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