Don’t Deprive Yourself of Dessert!

Anyone who knows me, or who has worked with me, knows I am just not that hardcore when it comes to food. I believe we’re meant to enjoy eating, and I also know that if you feel deprived, it’s eventually going to cause a boomerang in your eating habits. So I have lots of ideas about how to enjoy your treats while still supporting your health. It’s all about balance.

This time of year, the treats we crave are generally frozen and sweet. But why buy commercial ice cream, loaded with sugar and unhealthy fat, (not to mention fillers, additives, artificial flavors, colors, and other nasty chemicals) when you can make healthy delicious stuff so simply at home?  You can have ice cream, even if you’re dairy and sugar free.

For years, I used an inexpensive Cuisinart, but upgraded recently to a DeLonghi gelato machine with a built in compressor, and oh my am I enjoying the results.But you can make treats like this with an ordinary blender.
Here’s a simple favorite:
1 cup of fresh local blackberries

1 cup of unsweetened coconut milk

3 T organic half and half (you can just add more coconut milk if you’re non-dairy)

2/3 cup xylitol

1 T grated lemon rind + 2 T lemon juice

Blend everything together. If you don’t have an ice cream maker, just use your blender, on high, and then pour it into cups or pop molds to freeze. Which is a good idea anyhow, just to keep you from scarfing down more than you should! It’s that delicious!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Deprive Yourself of Dessert!

  1. Tried it & it is delicious. Just was wondering if you have tried other berries in place of the blackberries? I made it in the blender & consistency is similiar to sherbert. Very good


    1. I’m so glad it worked for you in the blender, and that you liked it Cathy! Yes, I have made it with all sorts of berries. But the big fat juicy blackberries from Roe’s, around the corner, were my fave.


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