It’s Going to be An Exciting Week!

November is starting off in high gear!

Tuesday, November 2nd, I’ll be speaking at the NY State – Orange County Professional Development Day for Family and Consumer Sciences & Health Education, held in Goshen, NY.

Wednesday, November 3rd at 10:30AM & Thursday, November 4th at 6:30PM, I’ll be giving a seminar on Healthy Weight Loss – and not gaining weight over the holidays – at the Chester Holiday Inn.  There are still a few seats left, so let me know if you’d like to join us, or pass the word if you know someone who should. More info here

The next two weekends, I’ll be attending trainings on Neural Therapy.  Neural therapy is yet another way of healing and unblocking the Autonomic Nervous System.   Traditionally, it uses injections of local anaesthetics, homeopathics or other substances into areas of pain or blockage.  I was introduced to Neural Therapy at Dr Klinghardt’s retreat, and benefited tremendously from this myself, and so wanted to learn more.  While I can’t do injections, there are also methods using non-invasive procedures that I will be able to offer to my clients.  I am very excited to learn more about this additional modality.

And Monday, November 8th, I look forward to speaking with MJ Goff of Hudson Valley Beat about ways to take care of yourself through the holidays.  Of course, you can get a head start by coming to my seminar!

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