Finding Healthy Recipes

I’ve posted a lot of recipes on my site: always healthy and simple, mostly mine, always gluten-free, and usually sugar-free as well (I use xylitol, which tastes, looks and acts just like sugar, so it’s perfect for baking or any time).  And sometimes from my favorites like Elana Amsterdam or Mark Bittman.  But it wasn’t always easy to find my recipes, unless you knew ahead of time what you were looking for.
So I’ve finally done the obvious thing, and tagged them so they will be easy for you to find. You can see them all right here.  Or come back any time and click on the recipes tag on the home page.  I’m always working on new ways to make food yummy, balanced and healthy, so stay tuned.  Coming soon: macaroons, and the healthiest way to make popcorn.

Do you have favorites you want me to help you modify?  Let me know.

Food should be healthy and delicious, and there’s no reason why it can’t be.

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