Healing Lyme without Antibiotics: Dr Klinghardt’s recent seminar

My most recent training with Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD comprised both advanced training in Autonomic Response Testing (the beautifully comprehensive and subtle form of muscle testing I now use) and exciting and practical updates on addressing Lyme disease, along with other chronic illness.  I just submitted a short article to Natural Awakenings, and hope to publish a longer, more personal  one on my blog soon, about my personal and professional experience with Lyme disease.    In the meantime, here are a random yet interesting few points from the seminar:

  • 90% of Chronic Fatigue patients are Lyme positive, as are most Fibromyalgia patients
  • Many patients with arthritis have Lyme, and 24% of Lyme patients have arthritis. (Note: I have also found many clients with arthritis find relief by eliminating food sensitivities, which set off inflammation)
  • Microbes are behaving differently in our bodies because our inner environment has changed, and our immune system isn’t regulating or communicating appropriately.  35 years ago, one in one hundred had symptoms of toxicity; now virtually 100% of us do.   This level of toxicity is a new phenomenon.
  • Sharks can detect prey’s electromagnetic field 30 feet away and around a corner of a rock, using specialized fibers in their autonomic nervous system. We may have comparable physiology to sensitize us to that which is in our field.  We can have an “energetic immune system” response long before something iscan  in the body.
  • Years ago, we tended to use larger numbers of supplements for protocols.  Now that we focus more effectively on the common underlying problems, we can use many fewer things to address the toxins and infections.  This is good, because everything we take competes for uptake.  We want to limit and prioritize our supplements, so that we end up with the fewest number of things that are significantly beneficial, and don’t dilute the benefit of the things we take that can help. (Note: I have always been a proponent of the fewest number of significantly beneficial supplements)
  • Feet are a misunderstood digestive organ, meant to absorb minerals from the earth.
  • We’re not dying of old age, but of inability to fight chronic low-grade infections.
  • The herb Astragalus increases telomere length and stem cell activity.
  • Magnesium stearate, used in most supplements to make manufacturing easier,  helps produce biofilm, which hides and protects the microbes in us from our immune system, and from many treatments.
  • Chlorella during pregnancy and breastfeeding greatly reduces toxic transfer from mother to baby.
  • People often carry infections for a long time without becoming sick or symptomatic. The co-factors that precipitate symptoms include: mold exposure at home; EMF exposure at home or work; compromised lymph drainage; unhealed trauma; food allergies; heavy metal toxicity.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you found at least a few points in there that struck you as interesting and helpful.

7 thoughts on “Healing Lyme without Antibiotics: Dr Klinghardt’s recent seminar

  1. agnesium stearate, used in most supplements to make manufacturing easier, helps produce biofilm, which hides and protects the microbes in us from our immune system, and from many treatments.

    I did not know this. Thanks for posting. Biofilm is one of my biggest problems. I am producing too much fibrin. Biofilm is made from fibrin.


    1. There are many ways to prevent building the biofilm, and many ways to break it down. Please let me know if I can be of further service to you in addressing this issue, or any issue related to Lyme disease.


  2. How can I tell if I have a stearate or biofilm problem? Most of the **many** supplements I take have one or another form of stearate, and I’ve not (yet) found alternate sources …
    So (A) i don’t know if i have a problem, and (B) if i do, i don’t know how to solve it, since i take many supplements because i believe they are beneficial, both now and/or long-term.


    1. Hi Jeff, the only way I know to check this is to have a session with you where I check all your supplements, individually, together, and in response to the issues you are trying to address, using Autonomic Response Testing.


  3. Hi,

    I’m lyme positive. Re Magnesium stearate: It is in so many of the products I take like creatine, glutamine, bcaa’s… which I use to help going to the gym. Are you saying we should remove all traces of Mag stearate from our diet?

    Its difficult enough finding anything thats ok to consume…wow

    Thanks for your help


  4. Hi again,

    I just looked at all the vitamins I take and 95% of them have magnesium stearate in them… How on earth are we suppose to get our required vitamins?



    1. Sam, not all companies use magnesium stearate. I work with some that don’t. If you are interested in subbing what you are taking for comparable (better!) products without mag stearate, I am happy to work with you.


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