Got Mold?

Mold is a huge problem.

A propolis vaporizer is “a strategy to make the house mold free” says Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, MD PhD.   An Italian study showed a 70% cure rate for kids with asthma in 6 weeks. I am offering one with an ionizer for $139.  It comes with 2 capsules of pure propolis that each last about 5  days. An additional box of 5 organic propolis capsules is $25.  The propolis smells wonderful and slightly sweet – sort of like honey (well, it does come from bees!) and the vaporizer is simple to use and attractively designed.  Most clients who’ve bought one come back to buy more because the vaporizers are so clearly effective.

Additional research has shown a 71.8% reduction of airborne bacteria within 3 days of use, and substantial reduction of urban air pollutants.

Apart from mold, propolis is excellent for sinus problems and chronic allergies of all sorts.  It is highly anti-microbial, non-allergenic, and completely safe.

Clients usually tell me they feel the difference within a couple of days. If you or someone you know wakes up congested in the morning, or has chronic or recurring  sinus or other respiratory problems, a Propolis Vaporizer by the bed might make a significant difference.

7 thoughts on “Got Mold?

  1. I disagree that propolis can help with chronic allergies. Researching the cause of my itchy eyes, I found “allergic reactions to propolis are relatively common; it is a known “sensitizing agent,” meaning it tends to induce allergies to itself when it is taken for an extended time”. I know first hand, because I have reached that point.


    1. While there maybe occasional exceptions, I do not find that propolis vapor causes this kind of reaction. I do find that many people can’t tolerate propolis in tincture or capsule form. There is a very big difference.


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