400% increase in gluten sensitivity since the 60s

Scientists analyzed blood taken from Air Force soldiers in the 1960s and compared them to blood samples taken from a group of random volunteers today. They discovered that markers of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity were 400% higher in today’s blood samples.

via Celiac Nutrition and Gluten Free Health Blog.

These numbers are pretty startling.  I believe there are many factors, including the overall decline in our diets and the increasing exposure to toxins of all sorts.  We are designed to adapt, but there is just so much we can adapt to before our bodies start breaking down.  As for the change in wheat, it makes it sound as though higher gluten content is something that just “happened”, rather than something cultivated to get fluffier, more shelf-stable products, which is the case.

The good news is that we always have the option to take control of our health, and our body is designed to respond well when we do. We are designed to heal, given the right information, support and guidance.  Please let me know if I can provide that for you.

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