Zen Vitality Detox: Reboot in January!

How would you feel going through the holidays if you knew you had an effective and simple detox in your back pocket for January? I’m offering my online Zen Vitality Detox at $100 off until Dec 30th. All online, daily support, small bite-size pieces and clear guidelines. Zen for Calm. Vitality for all that healthy energy. It’s a winning combination.

Can Systematic Growth Monitoring Lead to Early Detection of Celiac Disease in Kids? – Celiac.com

“This study shows that most kids with celiac disease experience faltering growth prior to diagnosis. An effective growth-monitoring program could have detected celiac disease in these kids several years earlier.” I have always told parents that short stature in childhood can be one significant indication of gluten sensitivity (NOT just celiac disease). via Can SystematicContinue reading “Can Systematic Growth Monitoring Lead to Early Detection of Celiac Disease in Kids? – Celiac.com”

What Symptoms Suggest Celiac or Gluten Sensitivity?

You might be surprised. Although there can be gastrointestinal issues, often those symptoms are “silent” in someone even with a severe gluten sensitivity. Also, many people consider it “normal” to have just a few bowel movements a week, chronic constipation, or intermittent episodes of diarrhea and constipation. As I often say: common, but not normal.Continue reading “What Symptoms Suggest Celiac or Gluten Sensitivity?”

My Rant on the NYT Article on Gluten

A Big Bet on Gluten-Free – NYTimes.com. Oh. My. Gosh. There are so many wrong-headed, misleading ideas and inaccuracies here, I barely know where to begin. Let’s start with whether avoiding gluten is only a passing fad like “the cupcake craze”, as the article unfortunately suggests. Now you have to admit that is pretty ironic,Continue reading “My Rant on the NYT Article on Gluten”

Check Your Nutrition IQ: 10 Common Assumptions You Might Have Wrong

Are you sure about what you know nutritionally? Find out the truth and make it work for you!

400% increase in gluten sensitivity since the 60s

Scientists analyzed blood taken from Air Force soldiers in the 1960s and compared them to blood samples taken from a group of random volunteers today. They discovered that markers of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity were 400% higher in today’s blood samples. via Celiac Nutrition and Gluten Free Health Blog. These numbers are pretty startling.Continue reading “400% increase in gluten sensitivity since the 60s”

Food Sensitivity Impacts Skin and GI Disorders

“A number of chronic inflammatory and degenerative conditions improve when certain food sensitivities or intolerances are identified, and those offending foods are avoided. Conditions that respond favorably include skin problems like eczema and psoriasis, IBS, Crohn’s, celiac disease, and a number of auto-immune diseases.” via Food Sensitivity Impacts Skin and GI Disorders. Of course, thisContinue reading “Food Sensitivity Impacts Skin and GI Disorders”

Gluten Sensitivity Featured in The Times Herald Record

Read my article, plus an interview with 2 of my wonderful clients, as featured in the The Times Herald Record on December 23, 2009. Can Going Gluten Free Change Your Life? Goodbye to Gluten: Two Who Feel ‘So Much Better’

A Gluten Free Vegetarian Visits Egypt

I am back from Egypt, and what an adventure! You can see lots of photos on my Facebook page, so please take a look, and leave your comments. The best part of the trip, of course, was spending time with my remarkable daughter Lily, briefly getting to be part of her new and very fullContinue reading “A Gluten Free Vegetarian Visits Egypt”