Can Systematic Growth Monitoring Lead to Early Detection of Celiac Disease in Kids? –

“This study shows that most kids with celiac disease experience faltering growth prior to diagnosis. An effective growth-monitoring program could have detected celiac disease in these kids several years earlier.” I have always told parents that short stature in childhood can be one significant indication of gluten sensitivity (NOT just celiac disease). via Can SystematicContinue reading “Can Systematic Growth Monitoring Lead to Early Detection of Celiac Disease in Kids? –”

What Symptoms Suggest Celiac or Gluten Sensitivity?

You might be surprised. Although there can be gastrointestinal issues, often those symptoms are “silent” in someone even with a severe gluten sensitivity. Also, many people consider it “normal” to have just a few bowel movements a week, chronic constipation, or intermittent episodes of diarrhea and constipation. As I often say: common, but not normal.Continue reading “What Symptoms Suggest Celiac or Gluten Sensitivity?”

The Well-Anticipated Challenge

Hi, Fran Sussman here. Here’s what we now know from research: Gluten increases inflammation in everyone. It increases the risk of heart disease in everyone, increases insulin resistance and diabetes, as well as increases the risk of auto-immune diseases. That’s a pretty comprehensive list of what you want to avoid as you age. We alsoContinue reading “The Well-Anticipated Challenge”

Is Gluten-Free a Fad or a Growing Trend?

Hi, Fran Sussman here, from Sussman Holistic Services, the Holistic Outlook column in The Times Herald Record, and at Hudson Valley Here are some thoughts for Your Best Health. A fad is “an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived”. I believe that the increased interest in avoiding gluten is a growing trend.Continue reading “Is Gluten-Free a Fad or a Growing Trend?”

Gluten Causes Depression

“Short-term exposure to gluten specifically induced current feelings of depression with no effect on other indices or on emotional disposition.” Original article here Most people are still confused about symptoms from gluten sensitivity. No, it isn’t always in your gut. In fact, most of the time it isn’t. For many, gluten can cause symptoms ofContinue reading “Gluten Causes Depression”

My Rant on the NYT Article on Gluten

A Big Bet on Gluten-Free – Oh. My. Gosh. There are so many wrong-headed, misleading ideas and inaccuracies here, I barely know where to begin. Let’s start with whether avoiding gluten is only a passing fad like “the cupcake craze”, as the article unfortunately suggests. Now you have to admit that is pretty ironic,Continue reading “My Rant on the NYT Article on Gluten”