Treatment for Anorexia

Hospital Treatment for Anorexia Is Questioned –

I’m no expert on anorexia, and I can honestly say that eating disorders are some of the toughest issues I’ve worked with in my practice.  But I do know that one component of anorexia, and most eating disorders, is zinc deficiency, and that correcting this often helps significantly.

This can be tested, very simply, by doing a zinc challenge.  A small amount of liquid zinc is swished around in the mouth and swallowed.  If it tastes like water, that indicates a severe zinc deficiency.

I find this is also an issue with many young children with extremely fussy palates, as is often the case with kids on the spectrum. Correcting the zinc deficiency often opens their palate to many new foods that they had previously rejected.

If you are interested in using liquid zinc for testing and supplementation, you can do so at a session in my office, or you can buy a bottle from me.

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