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Once you get over the initial resistance to the idea, coffee enemas can be a significant part of keeping yourself healthy. This is because they support the optimal function of the liver.

While the use of enemas for cleansing has been documented for hundreds of years, coffee enemas are more recent. They were first used for pain relief in World War I, and research was conducted showing that it also helped remove toxins through stimulating and opening the bile ducts.  Acclaimed German physician Dr Max Gerson incorporated it into his cancer therapy, which is how it became better known and adopted.

Detoxification Mechanism of the Coffee Enema

The Gerson Therapy explains that caffeine and palmitates (chemicals in coffee) work synergistically to stimulate and cleanse the liver and blood. Without entering the digestive tract the caffeine is absorbed through the bowel wall, via blood vessels, and makes its way directly to the liver.

The caffeine exposure causes the liver’s portal veins and the bile ducts to expand which increases the release of diluted toxic bile. The enema fluid triggers peristalsis (intestinal muscle contractions) and the efficient removal of wastes from the body.

Palmitates in the coffee stimulate and increase the production of a liver enzyme called glutathione-S-transferase (GST), which removes free radicals and cancer cells from the bloodstream and facilitates detoxification of the liver. As a result of the enema the liver becomes less congested with debris, which makes room for the filtering process of yet more bodily toxins.

Ideally, the coffee enema should be retained for twelve to fifteen minutes during which time the body’s blood supply circulates and passes through the liver approximately five times (Every three minutes). Since the blood serum is detoxified as it flows through the caffeinated liver, the enema is essentially a form of blood dialysis (filtering) across the colon wall. Drinking coffee has no such therapeutic benefits and is in fact counter-productive.

from Natural News, complete article here

I recommend doing a coffee enema 2 days in a row, once a week.  For Lyme and other chronic illnesses, I recommend a minimum of 3 times a week.
While you can use any unflavored organic coffee, I recommend Bulletproof, because it has been screened for mycotoxins, or this one, that has been processed specifically for use with enemas. The latter is gentler than regular coffee, and making it easier to retain.  I offer both in my office, along with a disposable enema bag.  For something more durable and easy to clean, I recommend products from  this site.
For complete directions on how to do a coffee enema, read my article here.

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  1. Fran, I emailed you via Discus during your interview at Lyme Disease Summit, if you remember. You invited me to read blogs on coffee enema which I started today. I have heard Gerson live in 1984 about coffee enema but never did it. Instead I used formulas of Dr.Richad Schulze Dr. Clark Purity Products and phosfood of Standard Process with olive oil & apple juice fast for liver flush before that for many years. I will try coffee enema this time after I study research in your website & other sites. Is price of disposable bag less if bought in bigger quantity if done 2x in a row for 2 days weekly. Is this also the frequency if one is vegan on live food for years? or is it less frequent?


    1. Yes, you can buy disposable bags in bulk very cheaply. But they are plastic so I don’t recommend them for regular use, just to see if CEs work for you and are something you will do regularly.

      As I said on the Chronic Lyme Summit site, I can’t advise you, or anyone, individually in this manner. I would need to have a full history; you would need to be a client.


    If anyone has a hard time retaining a coffee enema. I make an 8 ounce concentrated coffee enema. I use a french press coffee maker and use 2 to 3 rounded tablespoons of organic coffee (dark roast) and 8 ounces of filtered water. When it is about room temperature (couple of hours) you will need to add more filtered water to give you 8 ounces. Strain coffee and place in an 8 ounce bulb syringe or use 1 empty fleet enema bottle and fill it up twice. I retain it a minimum of 20 minutes. I find If you


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